America made its choice and selected Donald Trump for president. The man ran the most ridiculous political campaign in recent memory and had absolutely no political experience. Trump still managed to defeat Hillary Clinton, an over qualified politician who can't seem to figure out how to be well liked. Now America must face the reality of the Trump presidency and that should scare everyone. His latest appointment to the staff should also be seen as a huge red flag.

Steve Bannon Selected as Chief Strategist.

Haven't heard of Steve Bannon? Don't worry. He's the executive and head of Breitbart, a "news" site that delivers high quality opinion articles on just about everything.

But what exactly are the articles advertised on the site?

Wow. Even for Trump, this is bad. How can anybody actually endorse someone like Bannon for any high level government position? Even Glenn Beck called Bannon "dangerous!"

And that's coming from one of the most conservative and controversial figures in America! And the dirt on Bannon doesn't end there.

The racist has been embroiled in scandals for much of his life and his supposed news site has always catered to a political right determined to end political correctness.

Other Issues with Bannon.

Let's begin with his ex-wife, who suggested that Steve hated Jews. And where did she say a statement so controversial?

Under oath.

Would it really surprise anybody if they found out this was true? Probably not. But the disasters don't end there.

Bannon also has some rather radical ideas about the role of feminists in today's society.

How can someone this crazy hold such a position of power in the White House? It might be because his propaganda is so effective that Donald Trump believes Bannon can convince the American people of his correctness. But any smart individual sees this move as dangerous, especially when you realize just how close the KKK is to this appointment.

Trump Turning White House Into KKK?

How can I write that sentence? This is America and everyone should have an equal opportunity for advancement.

The KKK stands for everything that America is not. A group dedicated to advancing opportunities only for white people while detracting from the goals of other races. And the Steve Bannon appointment might even be in line with that goal.

Remember America, you chose this. You chose to place a businessman with no political experience in the White House. It's time to recognize that this is a terrible choice and the American people must do everything they can to remove Steve Bannon from the Cabinet and prevent similar appointments by Donald Trump in the future.

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