#Donald Trump unveiled his HealthCare Plan that he would propose to Congress if he is elected President of the United States, and it is something I think Americans would embrace if given the chance. Trump would move to repeal Obamacare on Day 1 of his administration by calling a Special Session of Congress. Not even the biggest supporters of President #Obama’s signature accomplishment can say it is nothing short of a failure overall.

Premiums have skyrocketed for everybody that had coverage prior to Obamacare, and now it is happening to those enrolled in Obamacare, if they can still get coverage at all. Insurance companies know when to cut losses and leave, and they are almost uniformly.

More and more Americans are paying the penalty for not having healthcare because they have been priced out of the market when the premiums are more than their mortgage in some cases.

Mark Cuban is just wrong

Trump’s plan makes sense because it was well thought out by someone from a business point of view instead of a what will get me the most votes mentality. Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks) called Obamacare the biggest start-up of all-time. Cuban added that Trump would not know how to run it. Mr. Cuban was wrong from his first words, Obamacare is not a start-up, it is tax on some while being a burden on us all.

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With different Supreme Court Justices a few years back it very well could have been ruled unconstitutional, many still think it is government over-reach into our private lives.

Hopefully nothing like Obama’s empty promise. With Trump’s plan, if you do not want insurance that will be your choice as it should be with no penalty. Premiums like mortgage interest will be completely tax-deductible, enabling taxpayers to recoup some of the cost of their premiums.

More flexibility with Trumpcare

Trump’s plan allows interstate coverage, something that Obamacare does not. Currently some areas of the country only have one insurer through Obamacare which in itself is against the law. It would not be hard to understand why premiums are so high if you just look with wide open eyes. You are the only store in town, and the government will penalize you if you don’t buy something. That would be too good to be true.

Hillary Clinton says she would fix Obamacare's shortcomings, but that is total nonsense. You cannot go back and refund all the overcharges since its inception. You cannot bring back those who have passed because of denied coverage. You cannot go back and give someone the health they lost because they could no longer afford coverage. You just can’t fix something so poorly done to begin with.