President-Elect Donald Trump’s greatest asset is his ability to listen. Due to his ability to listen he will be the 45th President of the United States. Evidently Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders are the only two politicians that do listen. Both men led movements against letting Hillary Clinton become President, Trump succeeded, and will take the oath of office on January 20, 2017.

One would think with all the protesting from so many groups, it would be heard by elected representatives, but that does not seem to be the case. The Republican Party got smacked around by an outsider who heard conservatives saying fix the economy, while they played obstructionists.

So one by one they were tossed aside as the Trump Train rolled on to an historic win.

Entire generation disappointed by Bernie

The Democrats outside of Sanders never heard what an entire generation was saying. Sanders stayed in the race until Cleveland against Clinton but eventually folded like an old tent. Many of his supporters ended up voting for Clinton, some for Johnson, but some just did not bother to vote at all. Possibly this was due to experiencing the first time a politician disappointed them.

Everybody talking at once

Everywhere you look one group or another has something to say. Some say it with peaceful protest, some turned to rioting, others say no abortion, yet still others say, yes abortion.

There are so many different groups trying to be heard at the same time that no one can listen. Trump will be inclusive, we will all reap benefit of a robust economy, steady work, and regular paychecks due to him listening.

Washington has long been a quagmire of self-serving politicians that promised everything while delivering nothing.

People got tired of giving, and more being taken to the point where everyone was going backward. Trump listened, convincing enough he could fix many of the problems. Judging by his business success Trump does listen, then he does fix things. There will be set-backs, but more often than not things will get better under Trump’s administration.

The election is over

Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are still not listening as they waste millions on recounts of an election that has been decided already. The election is over. The time has come for someone to start fixing things, and for everybody else to start listening to each other while finding middle ground. Not listening to each other has turned us into a nation of groups unable to get anything done.

Trump has been listening. Good leaders listen, react, and things get done. Congress, the Washington elite, the media, and so many more have let the deafness of self-interest control agendas of two decades in our country while voters sat idly by. Enough is enough was the message from the middle class, and Trump displaying his greatest asset emerged victorious, very simply because he listened.

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