It has been exactly 20 days since the 2016 Presidential Election, and Trump's Twitter account has still been very active. One would assume that becoming the President-Elect, you'd be too busy filling out cabinet positions or catching up on briefings, both foreign and domestic. Instead, Trump seems to be dedicating ample time to tweeting. As I mentioned in my previous article, this is exactly what The Donald wants.

His latest Twitter episode

More shots were fired, directed at Hilary Clinton and the DNC. Jill Stein, who ran alongside Gary Johnson as members of the Green Party, is ramping up efforts to recount votes in key Midwestern states.

Hilary has a popular vote lead of over 2 million votes, most of which came from California, a blue state which Hilary won convincingly. Trump has caught wind of these efforts, and went off.

#Donald Trump did win the electoral college, 290 to 232. The electoral college has been around for hundreds of years, and winning the popular vote does not equate to winning an election. If Trump would have reiterated this point, it would have been the perfect and only comeback he needed. But, of course, he got too excited, and tweeted a conspiracy theory.

There is no proof that millions of people voted illegally.

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But, for argument's sake, let's say that millions of people did vote illegally. How can we assume that all illegal citizens voted for Hillary? They could have voted for Gary Johnson, who received about 4.4 million total votes. They could have voted for Jill Stein, who received about 1.4 million votes. They could have even voted for Trump himself, who somehow managed to get 28% of the Latino vote.

Trump is trolling us

We should already know better. Trump may be a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. He may have dumbed down his vocabulary, but it turned out to be an effective marketing strategy. Trump also understands very well that his tweet about winning the popular vote despite illegal voters is false, but it doesn't matter. His strategy is to write the most controversial statements possible in 140 characters or less, so the media can eat it up. Once they do, he's bought himself another a day or two of media coverage, without actually having to discuss anything.

I don't care what Trump's thoughts are on the election results, or his attempted boycott of Hamilton.

I care about Trump missing briefings. I care about Trump's cabinet picks, and why he is choosing these candidates. I want to hear about policy, both foreign and domestic.

This comes back to the media. If media outlets would rather report on a tweet than actual policy, Trump has an incentive to continue his strategy. The media only cares about ratings, and when controversial tweets take precedence over substantial information, the citizens suffer.

Don't expect things to change going forward. #2016 Presidential Debate #Hillary Clinton