The first political shock came when people in the UK voted for the Brexit referendum. Now the next big shock has come in the shape of Donald trump's election as the next President of the United States of America.

It can't be happening, many non-Trump supporters would think ; but it is happening - Donald Trump is the new President. This is a fact. No one had predicted this but some saw it coming. By some, I mean the voters who had two bad choices and had to choose between the two Presidential candidates.

People want change

Many people chose Donald Trump to win as they saw him as the 'better' of the worst.

Hillary Clintonmeant an Obama Administration repeat but Trump was seen as more like an outsider. Trump's lack of political experience made people skeptical but they still voted for the incumbent President. The Americans wanted a change and they proved it by electing the Republican Party leader Donald Trump as the new President.

When the blues turned into reds

In 2012 when Barack Obama was elected as the President of the United States the majority of the US map was filled with the blue color symbolizing the Democratic Party's emblem. The rest of the US map was covered with the less-favorable Republican Party's red-color symbol.

On November 8, 2016, however, in a reversal of fortune kind of way, the reds during the 2016 Election have covered the majority of the US map in comparison to the Democratic Party's blue.

In other words, the Republicans have won even in the states like Ohio and Florida, firm favorite states and on which the Democrats relied on winning the election altogether. All that has changed and the states are covered in color red. It can mean only one thing - Donald Trump has won the elections.

Witch hunt in the US

Donald Trump will feed on the fears of the illegal immigrants. The promise to build a wall across the Mexican border has taken a visible shape with Trump's big win already. The scale of shock is enormous. Trump's big win has not only rocked the US but the world as a whole. But no one has any idea of what is going to happen.

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