#Donald Trump, in less than two months, is going to be the president of the United States. And it’s all your fault.

I don’t mean those of you who voted for Trump -- I’m talking about those who voted against him. The forces of the opposition to Trump were so powerful, and so energizing to the opposition, that they had the cumulative effect of making him president. Everyone who opposed Trump needs to take a look in the mirror, at long last, and admit it: I did this. It’s my fault.

You made him stronger

Are you a liberal? A leftist? A centrist? A lifelong Republican Never-Trumper? Did you support Hillary or Bernie in the primaries? Did you vote for Hillary Clinton reluctantly, or enthusiastically? Did you support Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, or Evan McMullin? It doesn’t matter.

If you did any of the above, congratulations: You made the Trump Administration happen.

What's your position on the role of identity politics? It doesn't matter: Trump is president because of both identity politics, and because of opposition to identity politics.

Are you a media member who went hard after Trump? Did you go easy on him? Either way, it's all your fault, and that of the rest of the media.

Did you mock Trump’s tweets? Did you ignore them? Did you rail on social media every day about the latest awful thing Trump said? Did you speak out especially after the Billy Bush tape, the multiple sexual assault accusers, the mocking of the disabled reporter, the various incestuous comments about his daughter? Congratulations -- you only made a Trump presidency more likely. Did you say nothing at all? Even worse -- Trump will be president in spite of you, or perhaps because of you.

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Are you white? Are you black? Are you a man, or a woman? Gay, or straight? What religion are you? Are you an urbanite? A suburbanite? An exurbanite? It doesn’t matter.

Let's face it: everything you did — or didn’t do — made a Trump presidency possible. And you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

What could you have done?

Nothing. You could have done nothing. #WhyTrumpWon