"Lock her up" was nothing but a lot of wasted breath apparently for the Trump supporters who were encouraged by Trump's promise to not let Hillary Clinton skate over the email scandal. Donald Trump stated almost on a daily basis that he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary because she was not above the law. Wow, that has changed, Hillary gets a pass and people are peeved.

Hillary's been through enough?

According to Zero Hedge, Donald Trump will not pursue charges against his former opponent because "she's been through enough." This is the same man who was indignant over Hillary getting away with her email server set up when the FBI probed this matter.

He even cited people who had done much less, but were in jail over their deeds today and paraded them in front of the crowd.

Circus act for nothing?

Is this the first hint of the Washington machine pulling Trump into its gears? Did Donald Trump put on a circus act to entice the voters and once in office things will change? He's not even in the White House yet and he's gone soft on one of his biggest promises along the campaign trail. According to The New York Times "Mr. Trump, as it turns out, didn't care all that much about Mrs. Clinton's email server."

Broken promises the trend of the day

Trump's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway opened the flood gates for backlash when she made the announcement. She said that Trump is interested in moving forward and getting the country back on track and doesn't intend to push for a Clinton probe.

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The response was almost immediate with "broken promises" ringing through the media.

Trump may even help Hillary heal by dropping it...what?

Breitbart News is one of the media outlets to put in big letters the "Broken Promise" of Trump's Hillary Clinton probe. Kellyanne Conway sounded insipid saying that Trump can help Hillary "heal" by not going after her for the email server. When did the Trump administration become healers of law breakers?

Anne Coulter, who is in Trump's scope for a gig in his administration seemed to forget it was Trump himself who was originally insistent about going after Hillary. Coulter tweeted:

The Judicial Watch, which is a conservative legal organization, calls Trump's decision not to go after Hillary Clinton, a "betrayal" of Trump's promise to "drain the swamp."

Doesn't want to hurt these 'good people'

They look to him to take on the task he promised, which getting rid of "out of control corruption" in DC and they want him to start with Hillary as he promised. It was all for show and now that people are calling for Trump to make good on that promise, it is almost like he is doing a good deed for Hillary who has "been through enough." All of a sudden Trump sees Bill and Hillary as "good people" who he "doesn't want to hurt"?