The whole world watches and the polls point Donald J. Trump to be the new president of the United States. Much to everybody's surprise, Trump beat the odds [VIDEO] and the Republican candidate is the new US president-elect. Even though the results are not final yet, Trump has already secured his place in the oval after reaching the 270 elector votes needed to be named as president.

Global markets drop after Trump's win

Global markets dove deep after #Donald Trump's win of the presidential election passed into history. However, this was something that was highly expected as most of the world's leaders were hoping for a positive outcome of the Clinton campaign.

Asian markets are the ones that were affected the most, with the market in Hong Kong closing with a 2.13 percent drop. European markets all across the continent dropped sharply as well, and only gold rose. Again this was predicted as most people rush to liquefy their belongings in fear of market turmoil. Experts are waiting for the US markets to open later today, but overall are optimistic that global markets will calm in due time.

Analyzing the votes

Now that everything is said and done, it is really important to take a closer look at the votes and the people who supported each candidate. Donald J. Trump won over the country's older population. The majority of his supporters were white men and women, while, on the other hand, Hillary Clinton was the clear winner of the African-American and Latino vote.

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Some people claim that the outcome of the presidential election was the finest example of white supremacy. Others support that sexism was the reason Hillary Clinton lost the presidency;or that the USA was not ready to support a woman for president. Either way, racism and sexism played both their roles in this election and despite the results, what is more terrifying is that people appear to be driven by fear and hate.

The Republican Party also won the Senate

Another interesting fact is that Republicans also won the majority of the US Senate and the US House. However, after Trump attacking his own party, this majority advantage does not mean anything. Mr. President will have to unify his own people in order to present a strong force.

Staying united

Whether you are content or not with the outcome of the presidential election, we can all agree that it is time for unity. Extreme polarization on behalf of both parties has taken its toll on the American people. Hate and anger can only take us so far.

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