The ink is barely dry on #Election 2016 ballots and already the new POTUS-elect's words are coming back to bite him. Trump fans blasted Demi Lovato for "offensive" tweets at Donald Trump which quoted Trump's own words. Trump's advice to grab them by the pu--y was fine with supporters when he was describing how to handle women, but when the Disney star repeated it they called her a crude bully

Demi Lovato checkmates Trump in Election 2016 tweet

Trump supporters turn 50 shades of purple at his word's being used against him. But they should have been rejoicing because Lovato was doing the President-elect a favor. The Hillary Clinton supporter was trying to deflect rage at Trump's election.

Her full Twitter post was that "sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and grab some p--sy" which offended the suddenly prudish fans. But Demi's mean tweet is the least of their worries. If their ears are so virginal how do they stand Trump's famous f-bomb, b-word, a--hole and other such hateful speech? His words can't even be quoted online. They are deemed expletives and don't pass obscenity filters! Is it just a matter of who's saying it that makes something acceptable or offensive?

Election 2016 locker room humor not funny from a kid

Funnily enough those same critics who defend Trump's "locker room" talk, are priggishly offended when it comes from the mouths of babes. It was fine for Donald to say crude things to women but not for him to hear it repeated from them. Ears used to assaults by Trump's steady stream of vitriol suddenly burn hearing it from someone else.

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Online writers are flagged on name-calling, libel and shaming. With children this is called "bullying" and is verboten. Demi actually deleted the post and apologized. Yet the 45th President of the United States does it all the time and gets away with it.

What are children learning from Election 2016?

What is their new President Trump teaching kids with his foul-mouthed invective? He's telling them to ignore all the good things their parents and teachers have taught them about playing nice in the sandbox. He's demonstrating that it's okay to disrespect, assault, verbally assassinate and maybe even rape others. So Voters are being told that they will be hearing a different thing from Trump than the unchristian hate rants Pope Francis referred to. If campaign behavior was this bad, what can Americans expect when Don's comfy in the White House? If this was Trump schmoozing, his tenure in the Oval Office ought to be an epic and uncomfortable ride. Please pass the crash helmet and barf bag. #DemiLovato #Donald Trump