It's #Black Friday in the US, the biggest shopping day of the year. A state of temporary insanity prevails. People lose their minds fighting over inanimate material objects in retail stores across the country. They injure, and sometimes even kill, one another over the latest gadgets. This is all supposedly in preparation for Christmas. A largely secularized originally Christian holiday that supposedly symbolizes “peace and goodwill toward men” to paraphrase the gospel. So what explains this madness?

The corporate elite love it

The elite love the inhumanity of whom they see as the peasant class toward one another. These fascists live “in the red” for most of the year.

Propped up by a system that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. properly characterized as “socialism for the rich.” Today, they are finally “in the black” financially for one day of the year. They could care less if those whom they see as peons trample one another to death fighting over flat screen televisions, smart pads, or children's toys. The saddest part of the spectacle of Black Friday is that the 99 percent are unwittingly participating in their own enslavement. An enslavement to a system of disgusting excesses and selfishness which keeps the heartless corporate elite in power. But there is another way.

Kill the black snake

Indigenous peoples proclaimed today “Defund the Black Snake Friday” as they mobilized a national political action of peaceful demonstrations in front of the financial institutions still funding the Dakota Access pipeline.

Top Videos of the Day

November is supposedly Native American Heritage month in the US. One would not know it considering the horrific #Police Brutality daily committed against peaceful water protectors trying to safe guard their only supply of drinking water from contamination by the Black Snake. Indigenous peoples and their supporters remain outraged that President #Obama has take no action to defend the civil rights of Native people despite condemnation of the US by the United Nations. Meanwhile, just yesterday Americans celebrated the racist myth of the First Thanksgiving.

Ignoring reality

Many Americans are ignoring reality. They were not taught the truth about the First Thanksgiving. They were sold a lie that it was a peaceful meal shared between English colonists and Native people whom they had befriended. In truth, the 1621 meeting was a tense political discussion in which Wampanoag nation leader Massasoit asserted his peoples rights and confronted English colonial aggression with 90 of his warriors at his side.

Later, in 1637, the English colonists brutally massacred hundreds of Pequots when they set fire to their village burning them alive and shooting them down in the swamps as they fled. The English colonists took it as a sign that their god favored them and celebrated in “thanksgiving” for the massacre. Today, just days before the mythical Thanksgiving holiday on November 20th, and 21st peaceful Native American water protectors were met with vicious police brutality.

Stop police brutality

They were maced, pepper sprayed, tear gassed, had concussion grenades thrown at them, and were sprayed with a water canon in subzero temperatures while police, private security, and the national guard shot them with a barrage of rubber bullets. Hundreds were severely injured, an elder nearly died but was revived on site, and one woman may require amputation of her arm from the explosion of a grenade. Some fear that if these racist, fascist police, using tax dollars to defend a corporation instead of the people had their way, they would have massacred the Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation) just as their colonial ancestors did the Pequots in 1637. That such a travesty as police brutality can still occur in 2016 is an international outrage. One does not have to be manipulated by the advertisers. As Bob Marly famously said, “None but ourselves can free our minds.” The emancipation from mental slavery starts by defunding the Black Snake, and standing with Standing Rock.