Episode 66

A few days ago, we saw in episode 66 how Trunks defeated (apparently) Zamasu, how our favorite time traveler cut in half the mad Zamasu by using a weird looking energy made of wishes, love and peace from the last humans on Earth. This made me think, how is it possible to defeat an enemy way stronger than Majin Boo with way less “energy”? A strange and incoherent event if you ask me.

But, at the end we cannot say that Zamasu was eliminated because we know that he will be present in episode 67, in which, he will try by all means to finally fulfil his goal. If you ask me, I’d say that only the immortal half will make the reappearance, this is because Trunks already defeated Black.

Now that I mention this, I want to add this new Pothala fusion is a washed down version of the previous Pothala fusion we have seen in the past. Why I am saying this? Because it is supposed that the Pothala fusion exploits the power, attributes and virtues from each one of the individuals, to make a complete and brand new being. I cannot forgive "#Dragon Ball Super" for this event.


Well, feelings aside, it wouldn’t be logical to think that in the current state of Zamasu, he would still be a threat. Even though, Goku has the button to call Zeno, who may be able to finish once and for all this Zamasu guy; now that you mention this, my next question will be: which Zeno will appear in the next episode? I am thinking this because they currently are in Trunks’ timeline, where there should be a Zeno, this leads us to think that there is one Zeno for each timeline, so five Zenos.

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Crazy, right? Well, I can assure you that there is more than one Zeno in "#Dragon Ball Super" because the first temporal alteration was in Universe 12 (that event gives us one Zeno) but the one that gave away the button is from Universe 7 (that is the second one).

What do you think? Are there 1, 5 or 42 Zenos? Well, let me know your opinion in the comment section. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" discussions and theories to follow.