#protesters against the Dakota access pipeline or #DAPL for short were in for a rough night yesterday as they were hosed down with a water cannon, attacked with tear gas, and rubber bullets. This is just one more example in what is becoming a long list of the violence that the protesters have suffered as they stand against the building of a pipeline that would destroy sacred burial sites and put millions in danger of contaminated drinking water.

They used a water cannon

Authorities were said to be using water cannons on protesters who claimed that they were trapped on a bridge. There are multiple sources and videos of the attacks.

On top of this there were reports of people who were attacked with tear gas and concussion grenades. These are tactics normally used during riots or outbreaks of violence. The DAPL protesters, on the other hand, have been mostly peaceful and un-armed during this protest. The gratuitous use of force also comes after the destruction of sacred lands by pipeline workers who have yet to suffer anything at the hands of authorities.

Long list of violence against protesters

This comes after DAPL protesters have suffered already at the hands of their supposed oppressors. Along with general human rights abuses and mass arrests there have also been attacks by trained dogs and people getting shot with rubber bullets. It might not sound so bad until the fact that the protesters have been largely un-armed and peaceful is revealed.

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This presents a double standard as white protesters earlier this year who stood against government overreach on federal lands were acquitted after taking over a government facility with automatic weapons. There is actually a lot of evidence that suggests authorities use more violent tactics against Native Americans more than any other ethnic group in America. As the news is filled with stories about the white supremacists who support Donald Trump it is easy to forget that at Standing Rock in Dakota there is a fight for the rights of a disenfranchised faction of society.