Several people are saying that Hillary Clinton could still win the presidency come December when the electoral college casts their official votes. Donald Trump was reported to have won the election after voting ended, with a projected 290 votes from the electoral college, while Clinton only got 223.

However, Clinton won the national popular vote by 1/10th of a percentage. Many are questioning if the states electors will choose to vote against their own state's popular vote and vote instead in favor of the national popular vote (sometimes referred to as a faithless elector).

Is it possible for Clinton to still win?

In 2007, Maryland signed a measure into effect to allow their state electors to vote in favor of the national popular vote if they choose to.

Several other states have followed along since then, and it had people wondering if Trump will truly become president. With all of the rioting that's happening in America since Trump was named President-elect, some feel that state electors may choose to vote for Clinton instead of their own states popular vote, in an effort to stop the violence.

However, we do need to wonder if Clinton were to get elected instead if Trump supporters would protest then? This election has a massive amount of turmoil surrounding it. This is not the first time that a president has won an election after losing the popular vote. The same thing happened when Al Gore ran against George W. Bush. Bush won the election after losing the popular vote. This is also how James Quincy Adams won his presidency.

Why do we even have the electoral college?

The electoral college was initially put in place by the founding fathers to create a buffer between the voting citizens and the person who was elected.

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They were worried that a direct popular vote could be too much power to place in the hands of citizens, and they feared that the public would elect an inappropriate candidate. After watching 15,000 Americans wake up on November 8th, go to the polls, and vote for Harambe, one does wonder if the founding fathers had a good idea by creating the electoral college.