Musical talent Cher attended a protest in New York City following the election of #Donald Trump. She claimed that what she saw was "Peaceful" in a recent tweet. However, there are numerous videos taken from anonymous or username sources appearing online in social media that allege to be from recent #Protests in the USA. Those contemplating property damage, violence, vandalism, and other illegal actions might vent some of their frustration out, however only by hurting the overall cause of which they seem to want to advance. The reason for that is that once the protests become firmly associated with criminal behavior, then they will lose credibility among some people who were originally undecided as to their meaning.

Oakland damage hurts movement

Oakland stands out as a city that did not have peaceful protests, at least as depicted by the media. Burning fires, video footage of damaged windows, and images of destruction have been aired by numerous media sources. In cases where vandalism, destruction, or violence occurs you can be sure that those that oppose the protests may leverage the acts as justification for potential blowback - and not just against those that perpetuate the actions, but everyone involved or sympathetic.

Purpose of the #notmypresident protests

The exact purpose of the ##notmypresident protests may be confusing to many. After all, the election is over and Donald Trump will be inaugurated as of January.

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That leaves those that oppose his presidency with four long years to wait before another election and before getting another opportunity to get a preferred candidate into power. Given that, what is the point of protesting?

The protests, properly organized and carried out, could send a message that democracy in the USA is not simply a matter of voting once and then going away for four years. That's probably what Trump would want and I think the American public that oppose him are doing a very smart thing in making sure that he knows that it's not going to happen. However, protests that aren't peaceful will surely play into the hands of Trump as it will give the government cause to mobilize military action. Furthermore, it could prevent the movements from expanding as they come to be associated with violence. In short, those that participate in violence or property damage are playing into the hands of the people that they oppose.