Comey and the "FBI Trump Faction" have clearlyshownthe rationality and basis of Clinton's paranoia and her decision to have her own email server. When the email narrative first appeared several years ago I immediately understood. Hillary Clinton has been running for President her whole life and almost the whole time old white men, mostly lowbrow Republican partisans indeed, have demonized and harassed her. When they could not find a real grievance to litigate, they made one up. Partisans and their appointed staffabound in the State Department as well as the FBI at all levels -- including folks in computer and security departments.

Comey's investigation pays homage to a hate narrative

When you can trust nobody, you do for yourself. I would probably have considered having a private email server myself. And that doesn't even touch on the hacking and computer intrusionscommonly understood then and now to be part and parcel of the electronic communications environment. Generally, computer security isjust not very good. As an electorate I think we all saw what was happening and decidedHillary Clinton's so called "email scandal"was no big thing but just another smear by Republicans. Rather than accepting the Republican hate narrative about the Clintons, the American voters have tended to accept them and minimize it.

Comey's letter and Republican propaganda over 3 decades

Instead of debatingthe real value of things, the Republican politicians seem to love to hate-name things like pre-schoolers do. Three decades ago, "Hillarycare" is what they called Mrs. Clinton'sproposed healthcare program. This was the start of demonizing Hillary Clinton that has continued from 1993 to 2016.

Republican Hillary hatershave a lot of staying power, I must admit. Republicans seem not tocare about the health of the American citizens. Instead they are mostly concerned about the vested interests of the healthcare oligarchy. There has beena constant drumbeat of hatred and propaganda generated for decades against Hillary Clinton by the Republican party.

In many cases they have demonized Hillary to distract from their own failings.

The media embraces Comey because it profits their business model

The primaryloyalty the American Corporate Media has is to their shareholders and their profit line. They are "bean counters" and not restrained in any manner by moral or ethical concerns. In Trump's case it seems money trumps ethics and morality everytime. They choose to feature Trump's TVact, calling his appearances embarrassedly, "earned media." But anyway, for the media it is a matter of taking a metaphorical handfull of dollars out of the cookie jar. First they need to abandon the cookies they hold so tightly. The ability to control the narrative and spread the word is immensely valuable in today's for-profit media.

It is in this media environment that FBI Director Comey chose to release an ambiguous letter a few days before the election. His actions could not do anything except taint the election against Hillary. Since the Citizens United corporate financing endorsementwe have the political corruption of corporate money but only on steroids.

Onlya tough, nasty womancould have enduredthe 30 years of abuse that continues Comey's investigation

I didn't watch the TV program that Trump "starred" in because I thought the whole premise to be sophomoric and stupid.Donald J. Trump was not then, and not now, a figure that interested me enough to waste half an hour watching. All his weaknesses and vanities were then on display as they are now.

No thanks! I'll take a wise and tough nasty woman instead! We will watch this story unfold even after the 2016 election. As the saying goes, "you can't make this stuff up!"

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