Climate Change is the greatest threat facing humanity, a threat greater than the threat of nuclear exchange. There is no theory of “mutual assured destruction” preventing the ever closer approach of a global climate disaster. The only candidate of the two major US political parties who correctly assessed the eminent danger and made the Environment a major part of his campaign platform was Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. On social media some are calling the DNC's decision to betray populist Sanders in favor of corporatist Hillary Clinton the “greatest missed opportunity in American history.”

More than a missed opportunity

This is more than just a missed opportunity.

President Elect Donald Trump has made many campaign promises. Among them, getting the US out of international agreements addressing Climate Change, and rolling back environmental regulations under domestic US law. Renown political dissident and linguist Prof. Noam Chomsky has correctly described the present day Republican Party as “the most dangerous organization on Earth.” Trump's new political regime certainly fits that bill. According to “The Young Turks” Trump has promised that the US will leave the Paris Accords on Climate Change. If true, these are among the worst political decisions ever made at this critical moment in history.

The only home we've every known

Every reputable credentialed climate scientist in the world agrees. There is no longer any debate. Climate Change is real. It is caused by human activity.

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Every major national and global scientific organization shares this consensus. Both Trump and Vice President Elect Mike Pence are publicly avowed Climate Change deniers. Our Mother the Earth, what the late scientist Carl Sagan called “the only home we've ever known,” now faces perhaps her greatest enemies in history. Biologists have even suggested that human induced Climate Change poses the threat of a mass extinction event. Biological life has survived five already, will it survive another?

At this rate Climate Change may be inevitable

Shortly before his passing into the spirit world the renown indigenous scholar John Mohawk, a citizen of the Seneca Nation of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy, gave a prescient presentation at a Bioneers conference which readers can find on YouTube. In it he tells the story of Hopi Elder Thomas Banyacya's warning to the United Nations that human abuses to nature would result in natural disasters threatening the continuity of the species. Mohawk spoke of the importance of a reciprocal relationship to plants and nature as a means of human survival of the inevitable human induced climate apocalypse. Indigenous knowledge will be critical if humanity is to survive.

We are already experiencing the affects of Climate Change

Trump supporters who rage against poor undocumented Mexican immigrants and Syrian refugees haven't seen anything yet. The global crisis of Climate Change has already created climate refugees. Rising sea levels have inundated low lying coastal countries and small island nations. Massive droughts and the global reduction of fresh water for drinking and farming are still resulting in massive human dislocation all over the world. Where do the Trump fans think these refugees will go? They'll soon be at our doorstep.

Indigenous nations remain the bulwark against Climate Change

As James Anaya, former UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, correctly pointed out indigenous peoples are the first to be impacted by Climate Change. In addition, indigenous water protectors standing up to the corporate greed of the fossil fuel industry against Dakota Access are the front line against climate disaster. Stand up to Trump by Standing with Standing Rock.