Trying to decide if mass incarceration or cash bail bonds came first in Chicago seems to be a problem. For some it's like trying to decide if the chicken or the egg came first with the arguments being made by law makers. The world may never know.

One Chicago Sheriff is calling upon lawmakers to abolish the cash bail bond system citing the high bail bonds set by judges as a source of civil rights violations against the poor while ignoring the fact that most of the poor are incarcerated for committing crimes of poverty. Moreover, eliminating cash bail bonds would push the financial burden of monitoring and tracking criminal defendants onto the taxpayers.

Chicago needs commercial not private bail bonds

The streets of Chicago are being littered with bodies on a daily basis and the shooters are rarely brought to justice. Taxpayers can't rely on the police to keep track of those out on recognizance. The national crime rate has skyrocketed to the point that 1 in 110 Americans are incarcerated. There is a pandemic of mass incarceration sweeping over the land of the free and It's time to evaluate laws that are causing so many citizens to be imprisoned.

Several serious issues taking place in Chicago

Specifically, endentured servitude or modern day slavery is taking place, in the form of prisons for profit, an unprecedented rise in arrests, extremely high private cash bail bonds set by the courts, and general overcrowding in jails due to mass incarcerations.

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Without a commercial cash bail bond system in Chicago the courts let people who are awaiting trial out on their own recognizance, or good word. This takes place with minimal monitoring and tracking. It's understandable that all citizens are innocent until proven guilty but what about the rights of innocent taxpayers to be safe in their person and home?

Chicago is actually one of the few states that do not utilize commercial bail bonds and they have one of the highest pretrail incarceration rates in the country. Who knows how many of the hundreds of murders this year have taken place by people who skipped bail and had no bounty hunter to come find them.

The commercial bail bond system utilizes the services of bail bondsman and sometimes bounty hunters who are put to the task of making sure defendants return to court and don't disappear.

States that only have private cash bonds allow pretrial defendants out before their court date have an unusually high skip rate. The police departments are so overwhelmed that nobody is out looking for these possible criminals.

They take a "warrant and wait" approach.

Lawmakers in Chicago need to find other options besides the taxpayers checkbook. A lack of a commercial cash bail bond system coss taxpayers, like in Philadelphia, billions of dollars annually.

The taxpayer should not bear the burden of monitoring and tracking defendents

There isn't an incentive for state workers or Chicago police to go out bounty hunting and catch criminal defendants who have skipped out on the trials. The main argument in this debate is that bail bondsman do not refund the 10% fee initially required by the courts. As a result bail bondsman have been the scapegoat of the entrire broken system because they are making a profit.

A bondsman has a financial incentive to make sure people charged with crimes make it back to court. If the defendant doesn't make it to court then the bondsman becomes responsible for 100% of the total bail bond amount.

Knowing this provides at least a little peace of mind for the majority of those who are aware of the issues taking place in Philadelphia. It should not be the responsibility of the people of Chicago to pay for the same services a bail bondsman provides without the taxpayers dollar. Its time for Chicagoans to close the checkbooks and speak up before all of us are in jail as endentured servants paying for this out of control spending. #bailbonds #massincarceration