Chandler Riggs may be leaving the set of "#The Walking Dead" to attend college, leaving #Carl's character in jeopardy. Last week's episode of "The Walking Dead," "Go Getters" featured Carl and Enid for a majority of the episode. It wouldn't be unlike the show to give ample screen time to a character, just to kill them off a few episodes later. My sense is that Neegan will get fed up with Carl's antics, killing him in brutal fashion, quite possibly with Lucille. Carl has gotten on Negan's nerves more than once already this season, so it was character justification to tease his death only to eventually break the hearts of the audience yet again.

Some signs Chandler Riggs is leaving

There are some mysterious signs lately that point to Chandler Riggs leaving the show. One of them is that he got accepted into Auburn University. Riggs tweeted it out, which led to much speculation among fans on whether he will accept his invitation to Auburn or not. Another belief that Riggs plans on leaving the show is that his contract with AMC has ended. Riggs signed a seven-year contract at the beginning of the show, which has now been exhausted. Obviously the show-runners at AMC would have no problem re-signing Riggs, but that now lies in his hands. One last reason Riggs might consider leaving the show would be the fact that he has been consumed with acting for the better part of his childhood. We have all seen Carl (Riggs) grow up in front of our eyes.

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He was just a little confused boy when season one first aired. It might be time for Chandler Riggs to move on from "The Walking Dead" and explore life elsewhere.

If Chandler Riggs does indeed leave, where does the show go from here?

We are accustomed to seeing major character deaths take place on The Walking Dead. Carl's would undoubtedly fall into that category, but that doesn't mean the show won't be able to recover. If Carl were to die, say within the next several episodes, it would impact the rest of the characters as well. The already weakened Rick, would probably fall into a pit of despair, internally altering his psyche and complexion. There are a few untouchables in terms of character deaths (I thought Glenn was one of them), however Carl wouldn't be considered one. The show would move on, slowly but surely, just like it has in the past.