Narendra Modi and #Donald Trump's election campaign has many similarities. The mainstream press was ranged against both of them. Both were also represented as hard line right wing politicians. Donald Trump was castigated for his views on Muslims, Hispanics and women and Modi was pilloried for his perceived support for Hindu right wing elements as well as the Gujerat riots of 2002 which led to some Muslims being killed.

Political views

The similarity ends here and in other matters both are the anti-thesis of each other. Donald is a rich and affluent businessman who controls a global empire while Modi is a humble man who worked as a waiter at a tea stall and is from a less affluent background.

Donald does not seem to have any firm political views though now he has embraced the extreme right-wing concepts. He has also not been a lifetime GOP member. In contrast, Modi has spent his entire life as a "pracharak" (worker) with the RSS and is a life long member of the political arm of the RSS the BJP.


The differences between the two with regard to the fair sex is also the palpable opposite of each other. Donald is married thrice and has 5 children. In addition, he seems to relish the company of women. In contrast, Modi was married for 3 years but he left his wife 30 years back. He never divorced her and the lady Yashoda Behn continues to reside in a small village in North Gujerat:; subsisting on a small pension which she earned as a teacher.

In contrast, Modi lives an affluent style and dresses impeccably.

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He once wore a dress with his name embroidered in a golden thread which led president Obama to remark that he was a Bollywood star. The dress was later auctioned for Rs 9 crores ($1.3 million). In addition, Modi who is 66 has not been linked with any woman and he has lived a life without one. Compared to the frugal existence of Yashoda all of Donald's wives got a fat alimony.

Last word

The personal lifestyle of both leaders is the anti-thesis of each other. Yet it will be wrong to conclude that Modi and Trump will not hit it off together. Trump admires strongmen like Putin and Modi is a strong leader. In addition, the interests of India and the USA converge under Modi and Trump and thus there is every chance that both the leaders will work together. Modi got along well with Obama who he considers his personal friend and being a pragmatist leader he and Trump will work together. #NarendraModi