Where I'm from we do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Turkey Day is the average Sunday or Christmas and "beans, greens, potatoes and tomatoes" are the staples on every plate. What we do get excited for is Black Friday. Never mind the fact that the day before was just your regular ole Thursday, never mind that as I just said we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday itself is an institution and we gladly give thanks for any sale. And it would seem that Americans would agree whether for reasons pertaining to the origins of Thanksgiving or the present and continued disadvantages faced by the Native Americans.

Though still, those who do gather around the table for fellowship with the family and in the spirit of giving thanks, are there even more so, for the food.

Black Friday is no longer unlucky

When I first heard of Black Friday it revolved around Friday the 13th, a day of ominous warnings when one was said to be unlucky. And the movies and real life tragedies further carried the claim. However, people these days look forward to Black Friday, exceptionally pleased to part with their earnings in the spirit of early Christmas shopping and high anticipation, because the goods we’ve coveted all year are finally within budget. Everyone seems to be having sales. Even in countries that know nothing about Thanksgiving the deals are exceptional.

And the economy gets a boost and some can even argue that maybe just maybe this thing should be more than annual.

So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that the shoes you bought last month are now half off on Amazon. That new mobile device that has no ear phone jack is trending again and it’s auxiliary parts are being discounted; the big deal is that you can still race to Walmart and get that 42” flat screen TV and work off all that turkey or you can stay at home and shop online.

Because unless you actually like your family members and more than one person knows how to cook, then chances are you spent your Thursday fielding awkward questions, avoiding dishes brought by anyone you didn’t know and checking your phone for what time would be appropriate for you to say goodbye and go.

Black Friday trumps Thanksgiving because hey, in a deep moral sense of irony and honesty, we would rather give thanks for all we’ve got simply by getting more. And also, after Black Friday comes Cyber Monday and you can always do with a pair of discounted noise canceling headphones. Because someone’s bound to bring up Donald Trump again.

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