If you`re willing to write down some critique's regarding human behavior when it comes to irrational #Shopping, then here is your chance, as today (#Black Friday) is seizing the day. While for many people this event is seen as an opportunity to acquire some products otherwise inaccessible, there are voices considering this day as a commercial trap. Despite all the critics, for the American people, Black Friday has become a national event which eventually stepped outside its borders and gained traction around the entire world.

Humanization of consumerism

Some say that Black Friday is the triumph of exacerbated consumerism over the rational buying process.

And, partially, they are right. Assaulted by various forms of aggressive marketing, people keep buying stuff. And the bigger issue with this kind of behavior revolves around whether or not an item bought is really a necessity or just something purchased simply because it has a substantial discount.

Modern society is driven by all these artificially created needs and it is rather hard to apply a filter of reason in order to keep things in line. What is even more interesting is that such an event like Black Friday is becoming addictive for most people. For those who want to have the latest gadget or something like that, Black Friday is the proper moment to act even though their purchase is going to be obsolete in a matter of weeks or months. It is already known that buying things on a regular basis might give you a sense of satisfaction or fulfilment even if for a short period of time.

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This happens particularly to those who are addicted to shopping.

Black Friday marks the start of a consumption spree

Once Black Friday knocks at your door, you realize that the moment to spent large amounts of cash has arrived. Between Black Friday and the winter holidays stands about a month, which gives you enough time not to put your budget in order but to start buying gifts. Once again, although a gift is not essential, it has become part of a strongly anchored custom.

Using a touch of irony, you can say that this is the moment when common sense and reason take their annual leave.