Barron Trump is Donald Trump's child and there's an unwritten rule that kids are off limits. No matter who you are you just don't pick on other peoples' kids in public...period. Apparently this was something that Rosie O'Donnell doesn't adhere to because she posted a tweet about Barron Trump that has people really peeved today.

Jab at Donald Trump?

As you can see in the tweet below Rosie phrased her jab as a question about Barron having autism and then followed it up with a sentence that sounds as if she is concerned. Social media was quick to jump down her cyber throat and the people who were angered by her post were both Trump supporters and non-Trump supporters.

No shame in autism

It is well-known that Rosie and Trump are arch-enemies and they've exchanged zingers online for quite some time now, but this time she was out of bounds bringing Barron Trump into the picture. After Rosie got wind of all the anger she stirred up over her tweet, she came back with a hashtag stating there was no shame in autism. (#NOshameAUTISM).

Of course there is no shame in autism, but Barron is a 10-year-old boy who has just been thrust into the spotlight because his dad is the next president.

He doesn't need this extra attention. Most of all it is up to Melania and Donald Trump to announce any personal information about their own child, not Rosie O'Donnell.

She sees it even if other's don't

O'Donnell also wrote in a post that she saw some things that felt "familiar" after watching a clip of Barron Trump's sleepy-like behaviors on election night. You can see her post below.

Mind her own business

People were furious, basically telling her that it is none of her business.

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Donald Trump

One Twitter user wrote, "Why call it out." They went on to scold Rosie. They basically said that if the child is autistic it is up to Donald and Melania Trump if they want to disclose that information. But it is so not her place to do this.

YouTube clip included

Rosie also included a clip of a YouTube video that points out the symptoms of autism and compares them to Barron Trump's behaviors. The video is shaming the people who thought Barron Trump was acting rude.

They suggest it is autism that is causing all the odd behaviors that people attributed to the child being tired. The clip's mission seems to be making people aware of autism and to stop the bullying of Barron Trump. They also show a graph and convey that Donald Trump fathered Barron when he was 60-years-old, which raises the risk of autism.

Low-blow by Rosie?

Many considered this a low-blow by Rosie who has no love lost for Donald Trump.

Rosie believes that this could be an opportunity to promote autism awareness, reports Raw Story. Many believe that if Rosie wants to promote autism awareness with one of her own children, then she has that right. She has no right to offer up someone else's child for that task.

Barron is a beautiful young boy and for Rosie to come out and target him, well that's just wrong. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, Barron Trump does not deserve this quip from O'Donnell.

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