President-Elect Donald Trump won against all odds. Few outside of Trump’s inner circle thought him running for President was much more than a publicity stunt. Make no mistake it was never about publicity. Trump was, however, able to use free air-time all over the media world to gain supporters along with momentum. Being in the right place at the right time carried Trump to a shocking victory.

Hillary Clinton was so stunned by losing that she has almost become non-existent. Leading Democrats have taken everything Trump has said along with some things he never said to try to rejuvenate their base.

Threats of disruption, blocking, and filibusters have been common rhetoric coming from the left. Clinton by her post-election actions (much like Bernie Sanders did after losing) has shown she indeed was no leader at all.

Bringing Republicans and Democrats together

Trump has done something in a very short period of time that President Obama could not do in a little under eight years. Republicans have continued attempts to rejuvenate their own self-worth by stepping up to microphones to criticize every idea that Trump puts forward. Some Senators like Rand Paul of Kentucky and Lyndsey Graham of South Carolina have said they would cross party lines to block Trump cabinet nominees if needed.

Others like John McCain of Arizona, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Ben Sasse of Nebraska could also become detractors of the President- Elect’s policies.

Pundits imply that Trump will be eating large plates of crow, and handing out olive branches like candy on Halloween in order to get anything done after taking office. All this makes it hard to tell Democrats from Republicans, and like the election predictions, the pundits are wrong.

Reckoning days will eventually come

All of these Senators do not face re-election for at least two years, and for most it is four to six years before they have to explain their actions to voters.

That day will come eventually, but in all honesty voters have in the past had very short memories. Politicians have long just tried to ride out a political storm rather than changing when not facing re-election in the near future.

This time things may be different. Things really have changed. Long-time hardworking Americans from both political parties have simply had enough. Trump among all the candidates is the only one to recognize this while seizing the opportunity to embrace these voters, and become President of the United States.

No elected official is safe

Former leaders throughout history have learned from mistakes they and others have made. For some it was simply too late to save themselves in spite of last ditch efforts to do so.

Elected officials from the smallest towns to the halls of Congress would do themselves a favor career-wise to take notice of history. President-Elect Trump has created a movement that will change America, and American politics for the foreseeable future.

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