I found out Donald Trump won the election when I was told by my father that he got a text from a couple outside Glasgow, Scotland. The text read "Congratulations!" I didn't know it was Trump until I turned on the television and watched the news. What happened afterward made my blood boil. People were yelling and protesting on the street like children because a woman couldn't be president. It was not the people who decide their presidential choice, but the electoral college.

If presidential candidate Hilary Clinton was in ill health and had numerous scandals around here, how could the electoral college trust her? Not to mention she treated her agents like slaves and would have treated anyone as if she was queen of the United States.

The presidential debates and campaigns

The presidential election was a close one. Clinton put in her money and not her campaigning to keep the blue states that she thought she could win, such as Wisconsin and Michigan. But Clinton lost those states to Trump. He won fair and square because he fought and tried his hardest to appeal to those who have had enough with the Democratic Party. He won the evangelical politicians and citizens of the United States, Clinton did not. Trump won the middle and working-class, Clinton did not. While Clinton earned enough votes from the Hispanic and the African American constituents, it was her cold-hearted demeanor that lost her the election. She avoided questions; she avoided spite; but, most of all, she avoided the people who could have voted for her had she appeared more subtle and solemn in her appearance and manners.

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Trump is not only a businessman, but also he understands personal gain. Clinton saw the White House as her golden ticket to become the American version of Angela Merkel. While I do not speak ill of Merkel, Clinton would have made the White House her kingdom more than her platform for the American people. While it is true that she appealed to more women voters than Trump, more and more people saw Trump as someone who could run a business as it should be, than to see a business as personal gain. People were fed up with the status quo of politicians. Trump spoke his mind, which resonated with voters.

The Aftermath

After Trump has won the presidential election, Americans began rioting in the streets. It sickens me that people see Trump more as the key to the apocalypse than that of someone who uses power wisely. According to the New Yorker, while Trump does not distinguish his differences or desires from public eyes, he is a focused opponent in the private sphere. While some see his presidency as that of Nixon, Trump could make a difference in the world of politics that has been owned and shared by the lobbyists.

He asked for Gov. Chris Christie to hand over the names of lobbyists that would cause havoc for any change Trump wished to occur.

America is changing for the better. As government grows, it becomes a business. A business that is unworthy of listening to its boss and leaders will fall apart at the helms. If we continue to seek therapy and medication for being children who suffer from depression caused by a bully, we won't find the strength to move forward and become stronger in our own life. Take this election as a sign of determination and effort, not as a loss of a step forward in time.