Back in 2012, former Supreme Court Justice David Souter appeared before an open forum at UNH Law School and seemingly gave a frightening bit of prophecy. When asked to give his thoughts on what effects the lack of civic education in schools have on government, Souter launched into a startling glimpse of what we are seeing happening today. The well-respected judge said that people's inability to understand how the government should and does function was a result of civic ignorance. In other words, the White House oval office cannot operate like a company boardroom, nor can members of Congress be fired because a sitting president feels they should be.

The United States is the land of the free, not a prison for the dictated.

Souter stressed that democracy simply will not stand up under too much ignorance. He also stated that his worry did not lie in losing a Republican government for fear of foreign invasion. It did not stem from concern over a military coup ever taking place, either. Souter's greatest worry is that when serious problems like terrorism and economic collapse rise to high levels, someone will step forward claiming "if you give them full power they will fix everything." If people will just crack open a history book or search the web, they will be reminded that such promises are utter nonsense. Even worse, it is often a prerequisite to something distinctively darker. The former justice warned against staying away from polls during an election. Voters and non-voters may run the risk of allowing a candidate to "take the ball and run with it."

Take this ball and wreck it

When the Roman republic fell, it was because democracy had disintegrated.

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Augustus became emperor after promising to solve the ills of the land. Lest we forget, dictators like Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Un and Putin don’t mind killing anyone who opposes them. That’s what drunkenness of power will do. No one, absolutely no one, is safe from anyone who lives to exact revenge or thirsts for complete control.

Did we forget what freedom means?

Notice the vicious and continued assaults on the media. For the most part, they are only showing audiences exactly what a person is spewing out of their own mouths. Cameras don’t lie. One of the first things a dictator does is push to have the press suppressed. The limit them. They jail them. Some even have them killed. Thomas Jefferson once said, "an ignorant people can never remain a free people." #News #Election 2016 #Politics