America is in a transition. This year’s unique election has made it evident. The fall of Republican conservatism in America’s domestic life and the rise of Donald Trump as a hopeless successor to the GOP’s rich tradition have reiterated the fact that the United States’ future course of life – both at home and abroad – is set to undergo a change.

Whatever happens in the USA’s domestic life will undoubtedly have an impact on the country’s external affairs. Washington has pursued more hawkish policies abroad under Republicans than Democrats, thanks to the GOP’s conservative philosophy. But from the 46th presidency onward, the familiar way in which we have seen America to be functioning might not be the rule any more.

Thehawkish Republican mind looks confused today

Take for example, Trump’s talks at various campaign rallies. He speaks a lot about foreign policy and trade but there is a clear lack of consistency in what he means. Unlike the Republican trend, he is not exactly in favor of an interventionist policy and is more eager to shut the American borders and build walls but at the same time, he is also sceptical of the foreign policy that the Obama Administration has followed. But to blame Obama’s foreign policy is of little significance when the last Republican president had done a much bigger damage to the country by dragging it into two inconclusive wars, one of which was also unnecessary.Today, the Republican representative looks soft (or rather weak) on Russia but hard on China which is quite perplexing.

The Republican idea is a bizarre combination of conservatism, nationalism and anti-incumbency. But this concoction indeed makes Trump look a fool.

American foreign policy requires a pragmatic approach today

For America, a drastic foreign policy shift from interventionism to isolationism is not going to work.

Being a leader of the free world who has made its presence felt across the globe, even if when it was not required, the US is expected to carry out certain duties in international politics. Giving up its clout completely will see countries like Russia and China trying to fill up the vacuum and leave the ‘leaderless’ free world scared.

What is required is a more pragmatic foreign policy approach and being an experienced leader herself, Hillary Clinton looks far better equipped to deal with the complex challenges that Washington is going to meet in the days to come.

The Republicans hence have lost much significance both at home and abroad. Their social conservatism will be further negated if Hillary wins this presidency for the Democrats’ twinfeats of seeing the first black president and the first woman president in consecutive terms will project America’s liberal face more than the negativity and hatred the conservatism of the Republicans or rather Trump, who is their representative, has been preaching. The GOP will face the road tougher from here on for their political philosophy will be cornered more.

On the top of it, if they continue to have leaderslike Trump whose reckless individuality eventually eclipses the collective, then the party will be over even faster.

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