Imagine a country where police routinely execute unarmed Blacks, Latinos, Natives, and poor whites. A country where police are not subject to the same criminal law as civilians. Imagine a country in which police, military, and private security forces can engage in #Police Brutality of peaceful demonstrators by pepper spraying them, shooting them with rubber bullets, firing sound canons at them, shooting them with bean bags from shotguns, stripping them naked and humiliating them, throwing them into jail cells overnight, and even allegedly throwing them into dog kennels. Imagine a country in which such egregious human rights abuses receive no attention or remediation from the government, and little if any mention by the mainstream media.

Oh, wait, we don't have to imagine such a country. That country is the United States of America.

Support the ACLU

If there were ever a time to support the American Civil Liberties Union; the time is now. The previously mentioned abuses have occurred under President Obama. A man who ran on campaign promises of protecting the Environment, fighting Climate Change, and ending these constitutional violations. He lied. After the disastrous results of the 2016 Election, organizations like the ACLU have become critical in fighting the proposed fascist policies of a man who many on social media derisively refer to as “the Orange One.” Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States on the basis of insane campaign promises to institute anti-libertarian policies that the ACLU correctly asserts violate the First, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

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In a strongly worded statement, the ACLU pledged to fight against Trump's attempted further encroachment upon American civil liberties. If anyone wants to know what they can expect under the Orange One's regime of liberty hating #Climate Change deniers, they need only look to North Dakota Gov. Dalrymple's police state.

The miner's canary

The late attorney Felix S. Cohen, author of the Handbook of Federal Indian Law, likened the American Indian to the “miners canary.” Cohen asserted that the US government's treatment of the Indian signaled the shift from clean air to poison gas in the American legal and political system. To put it bluntly, Cohen was saying, if we let the government get away with doing horrible things to the Indians, sooner or later the government will do those same horrible things to everyone. Under the Obama administration the fundamental human rights of peaceful water protectors standing up against the illegal construction of the Dakota Access pipeline through Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation) treaty territory has been so bad it prompted a United Nations investigation. In city after city there have been anti-Trump demonstrations protesting the coronation of the Orange One.

One cannot even fathom the Police Brutality that awaits them under Trump's regime. Perhaps, as Cohen suggested, American society should have addressed first the violence committed against the American Indian. Hopefully it is not too late.

Millions pledge to fight

Many have suggested that having a stronger enemy may be better for mobilization of mass popular resistance. Thus far, this has proven true. As the old saying goes, “The devil that you know is better than the devil that you don't know.” Many disillusioned Obama voters now see him as a wolf in sheep's clothing who has served neoliberal corporate interests from the beginning despite campaign promises to constituents. Trump is the devil we know. At least he had the decency to be honest about his climate change denial, racism, sexism, islamaphobia, and support of fascist policies to silence dissent. We know what to expect. Like the anti-Trump demonstrators, the incredibly brave water protectors, and the ACLU we must fight to defend civil liberty. #Donald Trump