From start to finish, new characters and storylines were born

Last night saw the birth of a first in WWE's storied history. 205 Live is not only the first show dedicated solely to a specialty division in WWE, but it is also a show that may become a springboard to a plethora of careers on WWE's main roster. Capitalizing off of the surprising success of the Cruiserweight Classic, WWE first decided to place the Cruiserweight division on "RAW," the company's flagship program. After a so-so response from critics and fans of the WWE, a huge announcement was made.

Instead of trying to rush the Cruiserweight division's matches (much like they did with the women's division in the previous era) higher-ups decided to give the lighter wrestlers their own show and spotlight, just as they did over this past summer.

But longer matches is not all that we will be getting

Last night, The Bollywood Boys made their debut on the WWE main roster. Before their debut contest against Tony Nese and Drew Gulak, a lengthy vignette aired in which The Bollywood Boys shared their background in life and the business.

This not only fleshed out The Bollywood Boys' characters for the audience, but also showed that 205 Live will not be a fly-by-night, one season show. The producers of 205 Live are in it for the long haul, and they proved it throughout the night with the in-ring production, as well as the in between vignettes and backstage segments.

Along with all of this, a new hero was added to 205 Live's story

Keeping with the theme of intense character and storyline development, viewers saw the ascension of Rich Swann before their very eyes.

Before their Cruiserweight Championship match, Brian Kendrick and Rich Swann both had opportunities to show why their characters needed to leave 205 Live's pilot episode with the purple strap. For Brian Kendrick, he wanted to cap off a memorable night by standing tall at the end of the show that he felt was made because of him. In Rich Swann's case, becoming Cruiserweight Champion would be the ultimate reward for enduring all of the struggles and hardships that life personally handed him.

In the end, after a great back and forth contest, Rich Swann hit three Spinning Back Kicks in succession to put down Brian Kendrick and become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion. With a match like this closing out the show, the world officially became the Cruiserweight's oyster. What they decide to do with this opportunity remains to be seen, and I, personally, can't wait to see it.

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