Jonah Goldberg offered an interesting theory in the National Review recently when he suggested that Hillary Clinton would be a lame duck president from the moment she takes the oath of office. The reason is that the WikiLeaks revelations, which would have sunk her campaign were it not for the fact she is running against Donald Trump, will cripple her presidency by undermining her mandate and moral authority.

Goldberg’s thesis could be comforting for the tens of millions of Americans who are not quite “ready for Hillary.” But the presidency brings with it powers that even the most unpopular person in the world can wield, especially someone like Clinton who is incapable of shame.

Congressional Democrats will be inclined to support her, up to the point where their own reelection chances are placed in peril. In other words, the best case scenario Americans have to look forward to under a Clinton restoration is gridlock.

To be sure, Clinton might be inclined to pivot from her hard line, leftist position and start making deals with Speaker Paul Ryan, just as her husband did with Newt Gingrich. But eight years under the Obama lash have made most Americans in no mood for compromise. They will want changes now and will be exasperated with congressional Republicans if they don’t deliver, even with another Clinton in the White House wielding a veto pen.

Donald Trump certainly will also lack moral authority, because he has no moral compass. But a better chance exists that needed reforms will get done if someone Trump becomes president.

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He is saying much the same things that Ryan and reformist conservatives are saying needs to be done.

The trick with Trump is getting something he has not had at any point in his life, that being adult supervision he will consistently listen to. The idea of President Trump saying alarming things off the cuff would make the next four years almost as long and agonizing as President Hillary Clinton would. The differences are that at least taxes will be cut and constitutional liberties will be left unmolested by an out of control Supreme Court.