America is at the crossroads of an acrimonious election as the two candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battle each other. As per the latest reports and Gallup polls, Hillary is set to win. She appears to be heading for victory, especially after beating Trump in all 3 debates. In such circumstances, the prediction of Professor Allan Lichtman that Donald Trump will be the winner has now to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The professor is a professional and has worked out a module with 13 parameters that help him predict who the winner will be. It is to his credit that he has for the last 30 years successfully predicted the winner.

In earlier forecasts, the Professor had clearly stated that his keys do not favor a Hillary victory. He had predicted that Donald Trump will be the winner.

Will Donald win?

With just about 2 weeks left before the election and almost all polls showing that Donald is lagging behind Hillary, the writing is on the wall and it looks like that Donald will bite the dust.

The Professor was contacted whether he stood behind his earlier forecast that Donald will still be the winner. As per Lichtman, this election is the most unpredictable and his module of 13 keys to forecasting the winner is severely tested.  He still feels that despite Donald doing badly on the surface he may still spring a surprise. He bases his argument on the relative success of the third party Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

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There is no doubt that Gary Johnson is doing far better than expected and as per the professor, Gary could siphon away votes from the bank of Hillary Clinton and give a narrow victory to Donald. In case this happens and Donald wins it will be the greatest upset in US electoral history.

Last word

The professor has been proved right in all the election predictions so far since 1984 and he stands by his prediction. This will give a lot of hope to the supporters of Donald Trump. But as things stand with Hillary having built up a formidable lead there is a chance that this time Allan Lichtman may be wrong. The real answer will emerge only after the polling day and the supporters of DonaldTrump will be hoping that Gary Johnson will do the trick as predicted by Lichtman.