Michael Moore looks to continue to make an imprint on American politics. The 62-year-old filmmaker, known for 2002's "Bowling for Columbine" and later work, has been tweeting lately using #OctoberSurprise as a hashtag (see far below). The surprise that is referenced is the imminent New York debut of his newest work on Tuesday night called "Michael Moore in Trumpland."

Moore's progressive politics hint at film's content

Michael Moore hasn't exactly been a supporter of right-wing and/or Republican political stances. For instance, Moore's 2007 film "Sicko" offered comparisons and contrasts between America's health-care system and that of other countries, such as Canada's and France's.

The main point of the film was that the not-for-profit socialized health-care systems found in countries like Canada and France were superior to the USA's profit-oriented health-care system

Moore was also a staunch critic of the Republican Party's last president, George W. Bush. The criticism was most prominently featured in Moore's "Fahrenheit 9-11," an incredibly successful documentary from 2004, where Bush was depicted as a fraudulent president and even a warmonger.

It's Moore's distaste for right-wing politics and George W. Bush that make it pretty clear that "Michael Moore in Trumpland" isn't going to be a favorable film for the current presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Donald Trump has been on the defensive of late as his chances of winning the upcoming election drift.

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Allegations of sexual offenses have been thrown at Trump as well, ones that he has denied. He already enters the third of the #2016 Presidential Debates with a lot to deal with. If Moore reveals information in his documentary about Trump that is not already known, then it could give the Hillary Clinton side all the more ammunition.

However, if Moore is trying to weigh in on the results of the 2016 election then he is doing so at a late hour. Election night is just a few weeks away and "projections hold steady in Hillary Clinton’s favor" (Jim Denery/AJC.com/October 18th, 2016). It's hard to picture the Republicans reversing the course in the weeks ahead and that makes Michael Moore's film potentially inconsequential to the election. Perhaps "Michael Moore in Trumpland" will be more of a nail-the-coffin for Trump, perhaps it will offer the Democrats more ammo as they prepare for the third Presidential Debate, or perhaps it will just serve as entertainment for American centrists, American leftists, or those on the American right that are among the large anti-Trump contingent.

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