President #Hillary Clinton will be tested early next year. As the North Korean-dictator inches closer to an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that can reach the United States and a disrespectful, Hitler-admiring “leader” in the #Philippines who wants the U.S. military out of his islands within two years on the scene, she will have to act and act boldly. Continuing to do nothing will have catastrophic consequences.

Will the president be strong enough to put her daughter in combat? Will she draft thousands of African-Americans to do the fighting like Lyndon Johnson did? Will she require females born after Dec. 31, 1959, to register for the draft, as men must, to receive federal benefits or employment? Hopefully she realizes America cannot afford to fight cold wars in the east and west.

China: in or out?

The United States should send Kim Jong Un an ultimatum, through China, explaining his next missile test is his last. Obama or Clinton should ask the Chinese to a) understand how the madman’s rhetoric and missiles combine to impose a security threat to America and b) ask for China’s help in an immediate diplomatic solution. If China for whatever reason chooses to stay out of the situation, it should stay out while Kim, the testing sites and nuclear sites are destroyed or face the consequences.

Break ties now

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte reiterated his desire for U.S. troops to leave the Philippines within two years at meetings in Beijing and Tokyo recently. As the duly elected leader of a sovereign nation he can certainly send the U.S. military off his soil, just like he has murdered thousands of suspected drug dealers in recent months.

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Some might even say Duterte’s insults and snubs at Obama would be reason to leave. Obama, to his credit, has taken the high ground and remained diplomatic in his dealings with the country.

U.S. troops should stop fighting Islamic terrorism out of Mindanao immediately. Duterte could easily replace them with the police and assassins wiping out the alleged drug dealers. In fact, America could remove its entire military foot print, and the jobs and dollars that flow to the local economy by February. “We will survive, without the assistance of America,” the Filipino president told AP recently. “Maybe a lesser quality of life, but as I said, we will survive.”

But could America’s first female president survive the same stupid insults Duterte has hurled at Obama? Methinks not. The president may be “the son of a whore” as Duterte has called him, but he is our son of a whore. If the people of the Philippines want to follow Duterte, let’s break ties—all bonds, economic, social, cultural and diplomatic. If they want to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the United States, as polls suggest, maybe it is time to change presidents. #North Korea