Unless something really bad is found in Hillary’s emails the Republicans are going to lose the election all because #Donald Trump was unable to change the bad sides of himself to appear more reasonable and likeable. Perhaps it’s a reflection that his parents Fred and Mary Anne should have taken a parenting class and did not. This was back in the 1950s when people were reluctant to admit they had a problem---if they had one. For example, a problem with drinking, a problem with a marriage, or in this case a problem child.

Trump learned his bad traits early-on

Donald Trump was a bully as a child and still is. His parents apparently never told him it is wrong to try and dominate or hurt others less strong or less apt to defend themselves.

Bullies like to hurt but they don’t like to be hurt. Trump, who has no problem as a grownup man mocking and castigating others, reacts angrily to anyone who disagrees with him. Almost all the bad traits Trump exhibited as a boy he shows today and the perverted thing is that he admits it openly and with pride.

One time Trump as a boy with friends to back him jumped off his bicycle and beat up another boy. His parents should have told him that was wrong and cowardly. They apparently never did. A few months ago Trump mimicked the motor-nerve palsy of a person with a physical disability. Thus he’s still in this case figuratively, jumping off a bike to gang up unfairly on someone.

The definition of a sadist is someone who enjoys inflicting pain

As a boy Trump learned to insult people to attempt to gain the upper hand and this also has carried with him into adulthood.

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He pulled the hair of girls at school and mocked them. In recent memory he called Rosie O’Donnell fat and a slob. Perhaps Trump's parents could have taught him it is wrong, it isn’t gentlemanly to insult women for any reason. Trump does it routinely.

A parenting class teaches a mother and father to learn to communicate values to a child, and how to communicate openly and honestly, instead of the phony double-standards and hypocrisy in families that was so prevalent during the 1950s. Trump’s father Fred, a self-made real estate developer, never would have considered such a thing, a parenting class. The man was king in those days and if a boy was perceived as rambunctious and tough instead of the more accurate sadistic bully, that would likely be okay with the old man.

The truth to Trump is whatever he decides it is

A parenting class might have given Trump’s parents the incentive to tell the boy that lying is wrong. Trump, attempting to portray himself as a tough guy from the get-go, said he once punched a music teacher as a two-year-old giving the man a black eye.

Eventually aware such a boast was a ludicrous physically impossible exaggeration, he later changed his story to say it wasn’t really a punch. In fact the teacher, a man named Charles Walker, said that Trump had never struck him. Nevertheless, Trump learned early-on to inflate his self-importance by lies and exaggeration way beyond believability. He’s still doing it.

Trump was shipped off to a military school for boys because his parents evidently couldn’t handle him, if in fact they had wanted to. Trump himself said he was sent because he was too rambunctious and headstrong and while he did conform in military school. He did become more focused and disciplined. This didn't translate to honesty and courtesy. To Trump, nice guys finish last.

Trump seems to have an inherent dislike of people in general

Trump never managed to surmount the obsession he has to use other people for his own ends and his inability to feel basic empathy for people. He told a reporter that if you let people treat you how they want you’ll be made a fool. That shows an obsession that people (all people) are out to get me. Trump has been good enough at making a fool of himself without anyone’s help.



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