Tonight in St. Louis is the second debate between Donald Trump and #Hillary Clinton. Before the debate the media is claiming there’s great dissention among the #GOP ranks. For every celebrity that comes out against Trump there are still many more that are falling in line behind him. Ted Cruz for example criticized NBC news for releasing eleven year old recordings they’ve had just two weeks before the election. Cruz went on to say Donald Trump would make a better President than Hillary Clinton. He tweeted about it this afternoon.

Issues and questions for Trump

The questions before the media are will Trump apologize for that 2005 recording? Evangelical leaders already said they stand by Trump in light of the recordings.

The other question they ponder is if Trump will go nuclear with the bombarding liberal questioning? Still the real question is who is going to wow the crowd in St. Louis tonight? The only thing the media is admitting is Hillary was cold, impersonal and uncaring in the first debate. Can Hillary Clinton overcome that heartless attitude?  

Will Hillary address the many questions GOP V.P. Mike Pence addressed to her? Will she come clean on the thousands of emails, the Clinton Foundation Pay to Play, Travelgate, Benghazi or Vince Foster scandal? The only way those issues will ever be brought up is if Trump mentions them -- the moderators will only be on the Trump attack.

Trump and Military questions

A retired general wants Trump to explain some details on Trump's foolproof plan to defeat ISIS.

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He also wants Clinton to describe under what circumstances she’d deploy our military and if she could revisit Libya would she do things differently? He also asked Clinton what she would do for our veterans since under the Obama administration they’ve suffered the worst abuse in history. Trump already said he would make the veterans a priority. In Arizona forty veterans that were on a waiting list died. Nobody was fired despite Obama's promises. There has only been one director after the next. #Election 2016