In 1992, when George H. W. Bush was eyeing his second presidential term, his opponent – a much younger Bill Clinton had turned the table in just one debate that had taken place in the town hall. In that debate which is still considered a high point in the history of US presidential elections, it was a question from a young woman voter on the country’s national debt which had made all the difference. While the then president Bush Senior looked at his watch before the women asked a straight question on how the debt had personally affected the candidates’ lives, he clearly stumbled through to find a convincing answer (he even said once that he could not get the question) it was Clinton who walked up to the edge of the stage and personally engaged with the worried voter.

Observers of the American presidential election still remember that iconic moment and feel it was Clinton’s remarkable ability to touch the pulse of the ordinary Americans that had catapulted him to the Oval Office the next year.

Twenty-four years since that debate, the US is preparing for yet another town hall debate which will see yet another Clinton. But on this occasion, all eyes will be more on Hillary Clinton’s Republican opponent Donald Trump, the real-estate mogul, thanks to his horrible take on women, especially in the wake of the leaking of a tape which was recorded in 2005.

Does Trump have moral ground anymore?

Will Trump really have a moral ground to connect with the voters in the upcoming debate like his opponent’s husband had done in 1992?

Suppose, if there is a question to Hillary on the email episode or how the foreign policy of the Obama Administration has safeguarded America’s interests abroad, who will be better placed to answer it? Being a member of the same party which is in power, Hillary Clinton certainly would have difficulties in convincing the ordinary voters, but won’t Trump look like a hollow opponent?

If the question particularly comes from a woman, can Trump convince her on any topic under the sun?

[Donald Trump made an apology after the tape disaster. But will that be enough to convince the voters?]

Trump’s disastrous campaigning (it only got worse with time) has reduced this presidential election into a clashing tales of individuals.

What Trump has said or done as an individual has become a far bigger subject of discussion than say how Obamacare has really helped the US. And to divert the attention from his own stories, Trump has been attacking the Clintons as individuals – how Bill Clinton had treated women or how “crooked” is his wife. But Trump is forgetting that Bill Clinton’s ‘other side’ did not become a big issue before he had taken over the responsibility in the White House. The New York billionaire would have tried to emulate Clinton’s neat work at that 1992 debate first before taking a plunge.

Trump issue has shown privatization of public affair

This shameful privatization of the entire election procedure has made it the worst in recent times.

If Trump remains a political clown while trying to dislodge an eight-year-old regime and gets buried under the mud he himself slung throughout the course of the campaigning and Hillary just walks way with almost a walkover on November 8, the US will set abadexample for the democratic world.

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