The 2016 Presidential Debates are over. The only clear winner is Gov. Mike Pence, the Republican vice president candidate. All others proved themselves unworthy of the highest office in the land, but Pence isn’t running for president. Should Donald Trump somehow win the election, it is just a matter of time before he is murdered, thrown in jail or institutionalized. Then America gets someone presidential. For a few moments consider whether Hillary Clinton or Trump is most fit for office.

Economy debated

Both candidates have tax plans. Economists favor Clinton’s proposal. She says it would raise taxes on the rich and businesses.

Whenever Trump attempts to explain his, a shiny object appears and he starts following it and mutters something about his plan being a website somewhere. Of course he is the same guy who said not paying taxes makes him “smart.” Trump wants us idiots who do pay taxes to think he will close the loophole door on his rich friends. One of the problems with Trump’s “thinking” is his lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution. Congress writes tax law, not the president. If Hillary wanted to rewrite taxes, she had six years to do it as a senator. She did not. If one’s words say this, but their action’s do that, follow the action to know the person’s heart.

What wasn’t debated

Also, and perhaps most importantly, both constantly looked backwards during the debates. Some argue the digital economy will drive America in the future.

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America will need workers trained in technology to train and repair robots or address health care needs. Perhaps the government could invest here. Maybe it is time for the government to deliver job and training information in real-time as the stock market does, as Rick Newman recently wrote on Yahoo.

Debating one’s aptness for office

Everybody knows Donald Trump is a scoundrel. When a 59-year-old man resorts to the tasteless drivel the Donald did with a wannbe reporter some years ago, it says volumes about both of their characters. A lifetime of comments degrading women and using his position to run roughshod over them just demonstrates how unappetizing Trump is. Everybody knows this. If there is any doubt, the mainstream media spent feet of ink and hours of tape reminding all of its partakers for weeks. Trump's latest claims about how the election is fixed are only the latest signs that he might be crazy.

The question then becomes is Hillary Clinton any better? The answer is no. Her 30 years of public service have not been very good.  Referring to Clinton’s days as first lady of Arkansas, Michelle Obama said “If [Clinton] couldn’t run her house, how does she expect to run the White House?” in 2008.  Clinton’s language is so filthy it could make a drunken sailor on a shore blush. Helicopter pilots at Andrews Air Force Base nicknamed the helicopter she boarded “Broomstick One” when Hillary flew. Then there is the matter of trust...