The third and final presidential debate is slated to kick off Wednesday night. This will be the last time #Donald Trump and #Hillary Clinton will be on the same stage at the same time before the election. That means both will be attempting to land some punches and score some points with the electorate.That begs the question as to just what we can expect to see when the event kicks off.

Will outside influences affect this Presidential Debate?

Whether talking about Michael Moore's surprise documentary, or the many, many accusations against Donald Trump, there are more outside influence than ever before it seems. This has led to the first two presidential debates being more about the cult of personalities of Clinton and Trump than actual issues.

Questions are often ignored, and when they are answered they tend to be the ones about how bad one candidate or another is at doing their jobs. The topics for this debate have already been laid out. The big question now is just how closely the candidates will stick to those questions with everything else floating out there.

Will Donald Trump continue his odd habits in this Presidential Debate?

One of the things that has been taken away from both presidential debates is that Donald Trump has some rather odd idiosyncracies he can't seem to tamp down. In the first debate, the Republican presidential candidate kept sniffing in a way that actually led to people wondering whether or not he was doing cocaine.

In the second debate, a town hall event, Trump has been pilloried for walking around the stage in a way that appeared to be stalking his opponent.

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While he has claimed he doesn't care, or doesn't think either of those behaviors have had a negative effect, it will be interesting to see if he can change and stop those behaviors.

Can either candidate use the third Presidential Debate to sell themselves?

One issue people have had with both of the first two presidential debates is that the candidates have talked more about why we shouldn't vote for their opponent. Will either candidate make an affirmative case for why people should be voting for them? If there's a candidate who can do this, they should be able to win the debate going away. #2016 Presidential Debates