What does “Game of Thrones” teach us about election 2016. For one thing, as horrible as things are in the American political system, they can always be worse. At least the two primary parties have confined their assassinations to the character kind.

However, “Game of Thrones” has a couple of characters who fit the current major party candidates all too neatly. The horrible thing was, the two in question are married to one another in the books and the HBO miniseries before one did away with the other.

In one corner, we have Donald Trump, clearly the Robert Baratheon of American politics. Baratheon, like Trump, is a man overly impressed by his own masculinity. He drinks and wenches, and his rule of Westeros would be entirely ruinous were it not for the good advice he gets from his best friend, the sober, honorable, but hopelessly naïve Eddard Stark. Sadly, Trump may have some people in competition to be his Stark (both Kelly Ann Conway and Newt Gingrich come to mind), but he only listens to them as his whim moves him.

In the other corner, we have Hillary Clinton, apparently the Cersei Lannister of American politics. Like Cersei, Hillary comes to the great game with decades worth of resentments, primarily from her husband, Bill Clinton, who also has a Robert Baratheon approach to comfortable living. She is paranoid, duplicitous, and mean spirited. She is also corrupt and incompetent in every aspect of politics except taking out her enemies. Fortunately, Hillary is not into incest and does not have a child remotely like Joffrey, though it is rumored that Chelsea has her father’s guile and her mother’s capacity for rage.

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Game Of Thrones

Hillary's body count is fewer than Cersei's and most of her dead resided in the Middle East and North Africa.

Robert died in a hunting accident contrived by his loving wife. Likely, unless the unexpected happens, Trump will be breaking the furniture and will be crying fraud on election night. When we last left Cersei, she had achieved ultimate power in Westeros, though several other players were gathering to take it away from her. Hillary is likely, again barring the unexpected, to become the first woman president.

The question arises, who is the American Daenerys who is coming to save us?

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