Once upon a time, back in the olden days when I was a youngster attending school, we had civic classes wherein students studied practically everything pertaining to citizenship, politics and government. There were no cell phones or computers then. No internet. No cable news. No Twitter or Facebook. Heck, there were hardly any color TVs in existence and certainly nothing much in the way of modern technology unless you count an electric can opener. But I digress. School was a fun place to hang out with friends and the thought of entering the premise with a gun just did not occur. Sure, bullying existed but not to the degree it does now.

For the most part, children were civil toward one another, respectful to teachers, eager to learn and civics classrooms used to be an innocent enough place to prepare one for adulthood.

Teachers could assign book reports to be turned in after a presidential election without fear of recrimination. This year's presidential race features two nominees who bring out strong passions within voters. Thus, school lessons in citizenship may provoke immigration outrage. Talk of government could stir up anti-establishment anger. And politics, well, that discussion could very well lead into a desk-hurling brawl.

Children are the hope of our future

Today, children fear deportations and extreme taunting because of their race or religion. They are seeing adults showing, through words and action, that it is okay to bully, brag, insult, lie, falsely accuse, not take responsibility, cheat and con their way through life. They witness grown-ups who say one thing but do another. How can they grow up to lead when they are not being shown how to do so? How can they know courage when they are taught cowardice? How can they know right from wrong when they are taught right is wrong and wrong is right? Young people are not stupid.

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Each generation seems more and more intelligent. Their young minds soak up everything like a sponge soaks up water.

So, you want to grow up to be president someday?

These days, dozens of parents and teachers are reluctant to allow their kids to watch or read anything relating to the 2016 presidential election. The rhetoric, threats, fear-mongering and language has been abhorrent and the debates were reminiscent of a 6th grade schoolyard tussle. If children are left with the impression that their unchecked behavior is acceptable and fit for adulthood, then America will truly need to be made great again. #Election 2016 #Education #World Politics