Never in my 33 years as a United States citizen have I witnessed a national moment like the one encapsulated dramatically in last night's second United States Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I have spoken with individuals, families, and communities around the world who like myself share a sense of disbelief around the proceedings of this election cycle. I have never before seen a time where there has been more distrust and disconnect between the United States electorate and those running for office.

A Game of Thrones

Though this will no doubt be a fiercely contested election with immense ramifications for the landscape of global civil society, it is emerging as a contest in which there is one clear loser: the myth of U.S.

exceptionalism. Though I have always been a proud patriot and supporter of my nation's historic connection to democratic peace, I can say without question, the myth of U.S. exceptionalism has expired. In a time where immense ethical issues of all kinds loom regarding the future landscape technology, human rights and the elevation of peace, it is shocking and appalling to bare witness to a contest which so dramatically erases the landscape of achievement which could have led my predecessors to view the trajectory of our nation as vast, bold and deeply symbolic of the best virtues of the republic and the honor that was established with the creation of the democratic peace process.

Despite mainstream media's refusal to cover it in any way shape or form; there is immense evidence out there for those with an interest in seeking it which suggests that this election is not fair, lawful or just.

Furthermore, the questions raised about the characters of the candidates are truly appalling to behold. I am not an expert in anything but my own worldview. I can not say what war crimes may or may not have been committed; nor can I affirm the qualification of a candidate who so gleefully stands for misogyny and the proliferation of rape culture.

I do not know for certain that Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont was purposefully pushed aside but I have a very strong feeling in my gut which tells me something is not right.

U.S. Presidential Debate: A National Spectacle

Never in my life have I felt this way about my relationship to government. Never have I felt so shameful to try to explain our political system to my fellow humanitarians around the world.

I care so deeply for America. I have always been proud of my nation and it's historical dedication to liberty and global justice. I do not wish ill will upon any of my fellow citizens. I do not wish to cast blame. I will leave that to those elevated to positions of authority in the legal system. All I know is that part of my American Dream died last night as I watched a spectacle unfold that no one can rightfully feel good about. Fear is dividing our nation and taking us away from our heritage. The United States used to stand for something in the world. Other peoples and nations looked to us as an example of the rule of law and the democratic process in action. Those days are through. A new day is dawning and new challenges are emerging.

When will the American people wake up?

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