While #Mike Pence has poked his head out to say he is sticking with #Donald Trump, he hasn't been seen with him very much along the campaign trail. Republicans are dropping off the Trump apple tree like it's the year of the locust, but Pence is not one of them. Today Trump went off on the Republicans in a move to get himself out from under their control. Can this get any worse for the Republican Party or is this all scripted?

Escape artist

Trump proved himself a magician-like escape artist with the skills he used during the last presidential debate. Who knew he'd have the ability to calm the masses over his vile words captured on tape over a decade ago? Despite doing a better job than anyone expected, this is not the man the majority of the Washington Republicans want in the White House.

Trump - Pence?

The Washington Post suggests that Pence may have resigned himself to making the best of a bad situation with Trump by seemingly sticking by his side. But you have to look at Pence's actions along with his words. The man is miles away from Trump at any given time. Mike Pence has made himself a popular figure with both Republican and Democrat voters since getting to know him at the vice presidential debate. 

Think about how an elaborate bait and switch plan would work. There's not many people out there who will attack Hillary Clinton the way Trump has and there's certainly not anyone but Trump to say some of the things he's said and still be in the running for the office of the president. Sending Trump in to do this kept Mike Pence the gentleman-like figure with Trump cutting Hillary down to size.

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This kills two birds with one stone.

The Republicans have successfully bashed Hillary and they've kept Pence out of the dirty work and by now he's a breath of fresh air to many folks in both parties. Brian Howey is a political columnist who has covered Pence and his ambitions for decades. Howey said Pence has had his sights set on the White House for a long time and becoming Trump's running mate was more than likely Pence's stepping stone to that goal.

Pence for president?

So with Trump's popularity teetering and Hillary being called the lessor of two evils when it comes to choosing a president this November, someone like Pence looks golden. Keeping Pence at a distance from Trump might be purposeful on the Republican Party's part.

Today Trump denounced the Republican Party on Twitter, as Fox News live reports. Now Trump is not only fighting his opponent Hillary Clinton, but he is at war with the Republican Party as well. Conventional wisdom would indicate that this latest Trump -- Republican Party division is basically Trump's camp imploding, but what if this is something the Republican Party was counting on? Could they have been grooming Pence for a switch of candidates?

If Trump pulls away from the Republican Party, which is basically what his tweets suggest today, do the Republicans now have a right to put someone else in his place, like Pence? According to Quartz, lawyers are working on this very issue today!

Hillary's craziness?

Let's face it, this presidential campaign has been more bizarre than words can define and this rings true for both parties.

One very recent example is seen in Florida today where Al Gore is campaigning with Hillary Clinton, a candidate Gore refused to endorse. 

If the Republican Party threw in Mike Pence some time soon, he would look like the savior of this debacle. The Wikileaks emails released today, suggest that Hillary exposed national security secrets during a paid speech with foreign leaders, according to Biz Pac Review today. 

Now there's even a bigger void of president-worthy candidates and it is a perfect space for someone like Pence to slide into and take the president election by storm. Maybe it's a done deal already, but they can't reveal their ploy to the voters or Pence won't look any better than Trump or Hillary? Still they did throw a bone out there saying they are researching their options! #Conspiracy Theory