Failing GOP presidential nominee and completely ignorant student of Constitutional law #Donald Trump has called for the cancellation of the November 8, 2016, Presidential Election. Trump also has requested that he be declared the winner by default. Citing #Hillary Clinton's "bad" policies as his rationale for his wild, unwarranted, and horrific request, "The Donald" seemed totally impervious to Constitutional Law and its most profound, emphatic and the unchallenged establishment of a Republic, consisting of officials who are elected to serve by the general citizenry. Under the most fundamental principles of a democratic Republic, elected officials serve at the pleasure of the citizenry and can be replaced at the end of their elective terms of office, or, in some cases, even can be "recalled" and removed before their respective terms of office are over.

No knowledge of civics

Trump, who has been told off by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, asked his Ohio audience why America is even bothering to have the election since Clinton's policies are so "bad," as he described them. Apparently, Trump does not have even basic knowledge of eighth-grade civics, either because he flunked civics or because his daddy bought him a passing grade in the class.

Our basic Constitutional principles

Whatever the reason is, Trump totally lacks even the most basic, fundamental knowledge of the precepts, principles and clauses of the United States Constitution. Donald, since you obviously had your mind on other things when you were 13 in your eighth grade civics class, this observer will answer your stupid question now: Donald, America is having the election because in this country, we elect our president and in America we believe in the democratic process and in the equitable pursuit of Constitutional law.

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Additionally, Donald, we are having the election because 240 years ago our forefathers fought a Revolutionary War against the monarchical rule by the British throne so that we could elect our leaders and worship in the churches of our choice.

Warren's warning to Trump

Meanwhile, Republicans are worried that Trump's controversial, bigoted and hateful campaign will have an adverse effect on the Republican Party's future. One can only hope that after his historical defeat on November 8, that Trump will go online and take a civics class and another class on basic etiquette and relations with women. One word of caution Donald: No nasty, accusatory tweets to your instructors. Nobody is going to believe that your instructors are "crooked," or that your courses are "rigged." And no payoff from Daddy is going to work this time.


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