During a string of television appearances from the 1980's to the 1990's, Donald Trump was heavily noted for exhibiting some cringe-worthy behavior. In the 1992 "Home Alone" sequel, child actor Macaulay Caulkin bumps into the presidential hopeful inside his lavish Plaza Hotel. It is Trump's only scene and he has one speaking line. Some of those involved with the movie said Trump's cameo was unplanned and they noticed how eager he was for attention. The film's director of photography, Julio Macat, compared Trump to "a bug attracted to a bright light."

There are also stories of Trump hitting on the 19-year-old cousin and legal guardian of 11-year-old actress Madeline Zima, who played Grace Sheffield on the sitcom "The Nanny." Writers from the show described Trump as being arrogant, and that he made them rewrite jokes embellishing his wealth.

This is not the first time that Trump, who throughout his campaign made sure everyone knew how rich he was, has done this. He once had jokes edited to inflate his wealth at his Comedy Central Roast.

Lights, camera, and tantrums

While on the set of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," Trump's appearance on camera may have come across as charming, but according to various reports, his backstage behavior was far from it. One former crew member recalled a moment when Trump threw papers, and also a temper tantrum, and then motioned for then-wife Marla Maples to pick them up. The crew member, who could not shake the memory of Trump's rude and disrespectful behavior, offered to help pick them up. However, Maples apologized and said, "I got them. I'm so sorry."

Baby, I'm a star and a rich one at that

Peter Marc Jacobson, co-creator of "The Nanny," had stated that after sending Donald Trump the script, he received a message from casting.

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Apparently, the reality TV star felt that since he was a billionaire, he needed a specific line changed. Other producers and directors who have worked with Trump also attest to him displaying erratic and obnoxious behavior at times. Now, Trump has brought his not so agreeable temperament front and center for the whole world to see. The proud businessman claims he hates the media, but clearly he loved them during the primaries when he was receiving free air time for interviews. Make no mistake. Donald Trump never met a camera he did not like. He just hates the people behind them when they're not giving him the red-carpet treatment while covering his run for the White House. And to think, there used to be a time when we did not reward children for ugly behavior.