Bankrupt real estate mogul and struggling #GOP presidential candidate #Donald Trump, who ridiculed a former Miss Universe for being overweight, is rumored to be furious at his running mate #Mike Pence for outperforming him on Tuesday night's vice-presidential debate with Democratic Party vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine. Trump, who is considered by sources on both sides of the aisle to have lost his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton a week and a half ago, allegedly is under tremendous pressure to equal if not surpass Pence's performance in his debate on Tuesday night.

The pot boils over

It goes without saying that Trump is so angry about the expectations for a remarkable performance in his upcoming debate on Sunday, that he is unable to prepare adequately.

It was evident to all observers from his performance that Trump did not prepare for the last debate. Trump already was under pressure to do better in the next debate, but then Pence's markedly superior performance made the situation totally intolerable for Trump. Now Trump is being pulled from both ends of an elastic band, and he is about to snap.

When one stops and ponders the intense pressure surrounding the debate scenario, it is overwhelming. The candidates have to enter a room filled with thousands of spectators. The lights are blaring on the candidates, and the cameras are in place. The heat is intense, and the candidates had to look cool and rested despite being physically uncomfortable. That situation puts candidates under enough pressure without any added, outside distress such as that faced by Trump in the wake of the superior debate performance by Pence on Tuesday night.

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Pence feathers his own nest; leaves Trump hanging

As political observers see it, Pence laid the groundwork for his own run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2020 while leaving Trump hanging. Observers point out that at the same time that Pence's debate performance was superior to Trump's at his own debate, that Pence was unable to defend Trump's erroneous statements and name-calling, tax evasion, racism and misogyny. It appears to many observers, including this one, that Pence may have already given up on Trump's presidential candidacy and decided to position himself for a run in 2020 and to do very well in the vice-presidential debate.

No taxes for eighteen years

Meanwhile, many political observers are angry with Trump for having avoided paying federal income tax for eighteen years. After declaring losses of over $900 million in 1995, Trump was able to deduct losses from 1993 to 2010 and not pay any federal taxes. This is despite the fact that Trump claims to have paid "millions of dollars" in taxes.

As truth be told, it is quite possible that for at least 18 years, that Trump paid less taxes than his own secretary, the janitors in his building, and the security guards who protect Trump Tower. And Trump thinks that this makes him smart! The polls will reveal how the American People feel about that on November 8, 2016!