Trust me, the world is laughing at America, and has been for the past year. This writer has friends and knows fellow writers all over the world. The one constantwhen looking at the 2016 Presidential Election is that they're laughing at the choice of Mr. Trump as a potential President; laughing at the way Americans repeatedly forgive his every verbal and physical assault on what reasonable people rightly see as common decency.

A look at newspaper articles online, from around the world gives us insight to the way we are being viewed, with Mr. Trump as a potetnial President. South Africa's, The Daily Maverick, cuts to the heart of the matter with the simple assertion that "Momma doesn't want the's doomsday time for the GOP." Understandably, Mexico's press is not charitable in its treatment of our potential President.

Yet, leave it to our polite neighbors on the northern border to most ably sum up global attitudes toward Mr. Trump. The Toronto Star opines, "A man of unmatched ego and wealth has passed himself off as the savior of the weak and demoralized."

When he goes low, the world goes ha-ha

This is all pretty serious sounding. So why the contention that the world is laughing at us? The laughter is born of schadenfreude, the "there but for the grace of God go I" human response when you see bad things happen. America is being laughed at; from Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, to a UK Member of Parliament, Gavin Newlands, and Australia, courtesy of Christopher Pyne, an Australian Government Minister.

Vote for Hillary, really?

Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, and, like us all, an imperfect human being. She comes across to many as too calculating, somewhat cold, and a "career politician" (which can seem a curious insult as we are all partial to career doctors when sick, career pilots when flying, and career teachers when sending our children off to school).

Hillaryknows what she's doing. She is a career politician and right now, with this binary choice before us, this is a good thing. She is not going to blow us or the rest of the world to pieces. Nor is she going to bankrupt the economy (for which, by the way, the whole of Europe would chew off it's arms faster than a stranded mountaineer).

On balance the next four years under a Hillary presidency is likely to bring modest income growth, a Supreme Court pick that will preserve marriage equality and a woman's right to choose, and a slightly more aggressive policy toward the terrorist threats we face. Nothing radical.

This not about Republican or Democrat; nor is it about race; nor religious affiliation. It's about our standing in the world. It's about reputation. America is the biggest economy with the most powerful military in history. These things count for little without maintaining a strongreputation for even-keeled leadership. And we're being laughed at.

Go vote on November 8 because the laughter is getting kind of old.

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