You can see why #Donald Trump pointed out the several media sites represented at the Al Smith dinner last night and then referred to them as the people working really hard to get #Hillary Clinton into the White House. He got the laughs, even from the media sites he was poking with at with a stick, but it was amazing to see today just how he hit the nail on the head!

Michelle Obama said it first!

One case in point is when Donald Trump referred to a statement made by Michelle #Obama when her husband was running against Hillary Clinton. Michelle said, “And my view is that if you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the White House.

Can't do it.” That was clearly a dig at Hillary Clinton weathering the fall-out from her husband Bill's alleged affairs. Michelle said this not once, but twice at two different speaking engagements while campaigning for her husband against Hillary.

Dig turned around

Trump wants to know why the finger is pointing at him for bringing up Bill Clinton's past when Michelle Obama clearly did the same thing. Or did she? Which is what the Washington Post seems to be suggesting. According to the Post, only "some" people thought what Michelle said was a "possible dig" at Hillary and her husband... what? This was a "possible dig"? It wasn't a blatant dig at what Hillary was going through thanks to Bill's eye for the ladies? 

What was Michelle referring to if not Hillary?

Somehow, some way, this statement got reeled back in and it is no longer about the Clintons? Then who was Michelle Obama referring to? Since the only other one who had a hankering for the White House on a political ticket was Hillary at the time, it had to be her.

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Maybe Michelle was referring to the way Hillary physically kept her house...was it messy?

Did Hillary not keep her house dusted, was her laundry backing up or did someone forget to pick up the dry cleaning? Maybe Michelle was campaigning for her husband and throwing a generic neighbor under the bus for not keeping her house together? This makes no sense, Michelle said this as a dig at Hillary and it wasn't just a few media sites that picked up on this, it was reported in numerous headlines.

Not Michelle's thing?

The Washington Post does say that it is "possible" Michelle was jabbing Hillary with that statement and although Michelle Obama takes shots at Trump, she wasn't doing that kind of thing back in the day when Obama ran against Hillary. Apparently she has evolved and is capable of doing this today?

You won't need any fact checking on Trump's joke about certain media outlets working hard to get Hillary in the Oval Office, just read what many of them are saying. How could Michelle Obama's dig about not keeping your own house straightened out not be about Hillary? That almost sounded as if she was blaming Hillary for her cheating husband. 

Who else, then?

Was she taking a swat at her husband, because he was the only other one vying to get into the White House at that time other than Hillary? That doesn't make sense, either.

It seems that Donald Trump was correct about one thing he said last night, some of the big name media sites look to be on Hillary's side.

Some of the media outlets do appear to be working overtime to push Hillary into the nation's top seat, just as Trump suggested. While doing so do they have to speak to the rest of us like we are completely ignorant to the facts? Do they really think that we are going to believe everything they have to say, no matter what it is just because it is now in print under a once well-respected publication?