How did we get here? That has to be the question on the minds of most Americans as we race toward the third presidential debate. Republican nominee Donald Trump has done nothing to prove that he deserved the nomination other than yelling and continuously repeating the phrase: "Make America great again."

Hillary Clinton hasn't been much better. Her leaked e-mails have revealed a plot that show she generally controls what is placed in the mainstream media. Some have even suggested that Clinton rigged the primary so that Bernie Sanders would not get the nomination.

The Future of America.

Is this really the choice that Americans have? A businessman who has claimed that he will deport all illegal immigrants and build a wall around Mexico and a woman who controls the media and is constantly embroiled in scandal? How can voters feel good about the future of America when one of these two candidates will be elected as president?

The first question that voters have to ask is what the impact of each person's presidency on America would be.

Let's begin with Donald Trump.

A Trump Presidency,

It's hard to believe that the status quo would remain the same under Donald Trump. Nationwide healthcare, which has seen rising premiums and raised costs, would likely be the first thing to go. Trump would also be interested in doing everything he could to build a wall around Mexico to help keep illegal immigrants out. His policies would also cut taxes for the rich in a move that would likely be justified by "trickle-down economics." But there's a bigger issue here.

What about Trump's foreign policy? His temper and poor choices make it hard to believe that Trump could ever get along with another national leader like Vladimir Putin. And nukes in Trump's hands? That could be a disaster.

Overall, a Trump presidency would likely help big businesses and the rich but have unforeseeable consequences on America's future.

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A Clinton Presidency.

Hillary Clinton's presidency would likely mean four more years of what Obama has already done. Clinton has pledged to fix a health care system that is clearly broken and also plans to raise the real estate inheritance tax significantly to fund some of her socially motivated programs. Hillary's mission is to help those less fortunate and she is willing to burden the taxpayer with those costs to accomplish her goals.

This isn't exactly out of line with what has happened under president Obama. However, voters still have to question Clinton's credibility and motives after the e-mail scandal that has rocked her campaign. That will make voters a bit wary, but the electorate will likely be more comfortable knowing that Clinton has far more foreign policy experience than Trump.

What Will the Debate Show Us?

The second presidential debate saw the rise of Ken Bone and a massive fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Viewers will hope to see some policy discussion in the third debate, but will likely get more bickering instead.

Is this really what the future of America has come to? The world get another look at what that future holds in the debate. #2016 Presidential Debates