The Third Presidential Debate between #Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may be that last chance for voters to make a choice that will save the United States from becoming much like Europe. Clinton has openly said she is for closing our southern border, but secretly she has said that an open border, open trade continent is what she envisions for the future.

One only needs to look to Germany, Greece, France, Belgium, and Great Britain to witness how poorly the open border concept actually works. Immigrants come in refusing to assimilate to a new country's customs, laws, and language. Areas of some countries no longer look like they did a few short years earlier, and gone is what makes each country collectively special in creating a diverse world.

Trump understands borders function

Borders are what makes countries unique, different, and safe for its citizens. The uniqueness of the United States comes from our borders. Our borders create an up until now safe place for all that enter legally to grow, prosper, and achieve the “American Dream." Inside our borders are state borders that create unique diversity among Americans. Each state has its own history, culture, economy, and without borders this would all just fade away.

Donald Trump understands this. While Hillary Clinton may understand this, she cares not about history, traditions, patriotism, or the future of the United States, or at least that is what her real words would lead you to believe. Trump is running for President to correct the wrong decisions that our government has been making in recent years.

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Trump’s goal is to return America to greatness.

Clinton's forced agenda

Clinton is not running for America, she is simply trying to force an agenda down the throats of an American public so divided that she just may get her chance to return America to nothing but part of a global community. Americans will never accept being part of that. global community where those from foreign lands make our laws, and tell us what we can do.

Our fore-fathers fought and died for our independence from that over 200 years ago, and without doubt there are those among us that will fight and die to keep the freedoms those patriots gave so much to acquire. Donald Trump has never needed to be more Presidential than during this debate, the future of America as we know it might depend on his performance.

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