Red State recently lamented that Sen Ted Cruz. R-Texas was not on the debate stage with Hillary Clinton when the question about the Supreme Court was asked by Chris Wallace. Cruz would have aced the question, mainly because he has successfully argued cases before the court as the solicitor general of the state of Texas. Cruz knows how the Supreme Court works intimately and has a handle on the stakes of the election.

To be sure, Hillary Clinton stumbled badly when the conversation turned to abortion. She did not give a good defense of the pro-choice position. Cruz, however, would have flayed her alive and left her for dead.

The debate and the lost opportunity that it contained to finish off Hillary Clinton illustrates the emerging realization that the Republican Party made a big mistake when it nominated Trump and not Cruz, the skilled, knowledgeable, and committed conservative statesman. Trump may still win. Clinton is a horrible candidate, and the issues all cut against her. However, it will be a squeaker either way, and the country is faced with either having a mercurial lout or a corrupt harridan as president for at least the next four years.

Imagine instead having a young man, a kind of Cuban JFK or young, Hispanic Reagan, being elected to the White House instead, sweeping in with him solid control of the House and Senate. Cruz would be the president who would nominate Supreme Court justices, signing laws abolishing Obamacare, lowering taxes, repairing the military, cutting spending, and trimming regulations.

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Something like a 21st Century version of the Reagan Revolution would have occurred in the latter part of this decade.

Of course, there is always 2020. Cruz will likely win reelection in 2018 and will be four more years stronger and more experienced, having learned whatever lessons he needed in the 2016 primaries. But that means that the country will have endured four more years of either total misrule and political gridlock or chaos and governing by whim instead of principle. The United States will survive as it has survived worse, but the exercise is so unnecessary.