Despite a cache of stories and evidence regarding #Donald Trump’s own questionable history, the GOP nominee manages to hold on to a legion of support for whatever reason. During his entire campaign, Trump promised to be the man who will right all the wrongs of America and there are people who unshakably trust him at his word. Fair enough. Politicians, and he is a politician now, make promises. It’s what they do. They want the job and need our votes.

With women coming forward alleging Trump has actually done to them the things he bragged about doing in the now famous “Access Hollywood” video, Trump pledged to produce proof evidence “in the appropriate time” that these are all lies.

In fact, running mate Mike Pence said last Friday the shoe would be dropping within hours, disproving the accusers. What did happen was a British man named Anthony Gilberthorpe, who was around 17 or 18-years-old at the time, claiming to have been onboard the same flight as Jessica Leeds and Donald Trump. Leeds alleges that Trump groped her during a flight in 1979 and Gilberthorpe says no such thing occurred. A Trump spokeswoman stated that Trump did not fly commercial airlines back then nor were armrests anything other than stationary. There are two problems with her statement. Either Gilberthorpe is lying since Trump supposedly did not fly commercial or Trump was onboard, present and accounted for. Also, airlines like Braniff, National and TWA did have movable armrests back in the day. No word on evidence against the other nine or so women, I guess we will have to wait for the appropriate time.

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Taxes and audits

At this point, is anyone really believing Trump will show us the money? Ever since the height of his 2011 birther crusade, Trump claimed he would show his taxes. He challenged President Obama to release his long-form birth certificate and then he would show his taxes. Obama did and Trump did not. Trump told ABC he will release his taxes “at the appropriate time.” Five years later and since his run for office, Trump told “Meet the Press” in January that he had “big returns, everything all approved and very beautiful. Trump also claimed to have sent investigators to Hawaii to look into the matter of the President’s birthplace, promising to release the results of that investigation “at a certain time.”

Then auditing became the excuse even though the IRS themselves said it was no excuse. Trump even promised to provide a letter proving he was under audit. What came was a letter drafted by his paid attorneys stating that the nominee’s returns from 2009 until present were being reviewed by the IRS.

A more authenticated piece of proof would have been something from the IRS. During the first debate, Trump even made a counteroffer to Lester Holt by saying he could provide a list of very fine banks, very quickly if that would help.

Immigration and medical reports

This past summer, following conflicting details of wife Melania’s immigration story, Trump vowed to have her hold a press conference soon to set the record straight. To listen to Trump, one would think #Hillary Clinton is practically stumbling onto her death bed. After Clinton released her medical records, Trump was challenged to do the same and not that spectacle of a letter from his gastroenterologist. So Trump goes on “Dr. Oz” with additional medical details but no full report. Hopefully by now, everyone knows not to hold their breath waiting for Trump’s “appropriate time.” #Election 2016